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100+ SharePoint Publishers, 3,000,000+ impressions/mo
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IT Targeted Ad Networks: SharePoint Network [100+ Blogs, 3mil+ Impressions]   Coming Soon: SQL | .NET | PowerShell

For Advertisers | CPC Rates Deliver Best ROI

SharePointAds Network Gets You Exclusive Access To Over 100 Publishers & Bloggers!

Expose your products and services to the most targeted SharePoint audience in the world: SharePoint IT Pros, Developers, Power Users and Business Managers! Our network delivers 3mil+ impressions/mo. [Learn more]

"SharePointAds has performed extremely well for us. In addition to providing qualified leads at a low cost per lead, SharePointAds also simplifies management of our advertising. Instead of coordinating with over a hundred different sites myself, I simply send my ads to SharePointAds and they handle the placements for me." - Emily Thurman, Director of Marketing for Idera

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For Publishers | Relevant & Profitable

Drive Revenue to Support Your Blog or a Publishing Site with SharePoint-Exclusive Ads!

SharePoint Ads Publishers"You don't have to look much farther than an 876% increase in commissions to understand that ALL SharePoint bloggers using Google Adsense should make the switch." - Phillip Wicklund
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Great payout, easy setup, an online commission views - these are just a few of the great benefits of joining the SharePointAds Publisher Network. Login into your control panel, select proper ad sizes, implement on your site, start making money. Easy.

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