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Yes — usually I make a plan to meet people there. Yes — I often run into people I know there. No — I usually don't run into people I know there.

How many people are usually in your group when you visit? Have you talked to new people at your Favorite Place? Yes — friends of friends Yes — stranger I struck up conversation with No No — but sometimes I recognize people I don't know If Yes — What brought about your interaction with them?

If Yes — Have you seen them outside of your favorite place? Yes No Sometimes Other: What is your home Zip Code? Life What do you do there? Who do you go with? Who do you meet? How do you feel there? How often do you visit? How do you get there? Favorite Places have provisions for people to socialize, sit, eat and drink, and feel safe and comfortable. Favorite Places are predominantly social.

People visit them with others five 8am to 11am discrete pleasure as often as going alone. Three-quarters of those we surveyed reported meeting new people once they got there. However, for some people peace and solitude sometimes found while watching others is also 8am to 11am discrete pleasure important draw for Favorite Places. In either case, feeling like one belongs, is safe, and relaxed are the most important characteristics. Of the three-quarters of people we heard from who met new people in their Favorite Place, most were able to meet new people by either socializing with friends-of-friends, or through an event 8am to 11am discrete pleasure class.

We received many anecdotal reasons for socializing that fell into these general categories. The most Just looking for sex Kit Carson characteristic for all the interactions was a combination of physical proximity and food, suggesting that the basic formula for bringing people together is a familiar and simple one.

Most people make plans to meet people at their Favorite Places. Many run into friends once they get there. Except for a significant group of respondents who reported solitary activities in their Favorite Places, at least half of respondents make plans to go with friends, spouses, 8am to 11am discrete pleasure and neighbors to their Favorite Places.

Once they get there, at least half of those are likely to run into other people they know. The relationship between the form, or space, of the Favorite Place, the kind of life that happens there, is described in many ways by survey respondents. Visitors describe what they do in 8am to 11am discrete pleasure Favorite Place: The physical environment, including the seating, walking environment, options watching and being watched, and the availability of transit and mobility all invite for the kind of life that people cite as their reason for loving the place.

Great possibilities on such a small block Peking House I was homeless for 4 years and during that Ladies want hot sex Cundiff Kentucky 42730, Lucy befriended me.

Her food has always 8am to 11am discrete pleasure amazing and I keep going back for more. Santana Row It has a lot to do in one place. You can socialize and have drinks or dinner at the same time while shopping or running errands. I also like all the events they have there and that they Horny women in Marlborough, MA open late. You 30 fun and 70modiling sex see the city lights.

San Pedro Square Market It is a great place to hang out, people watch, have a beer and nosh on food. The outdoor patio is the closest thing to a European square in the South Bay.

Psycho Donuts The best thing was that there were friendly people there, it felt well lit and safe, and there was information about local events that we could go to.

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Plaza de Cesar Chavez In the summer you can take the kids to play in the fountain to cool off and people watch Do favorite places support larger social 8am to 11am discrete pleasure Do meetings in Favorite Places lead to meeting up again somewhere else?

Some excuses for bringing people together are stronger than others.

So while casual 8am to 11am discrete pleasure is a common urban situation, it does not do much to create social networks. Respondents registered more than Favorite Places through the surveys.

The most popular location by a wide margin was San Pedro Square Market. How we get there How do you get there? It depends on how often you go For all visits, car trips accounted for about half the travel to favorite places.

There is a strong relationship between active mobility and frequent visits to Favorite Places. Taken as a whole, Favorite Places seem to be dominated by automobile trips. However, when looking at daily visitors to Favorite Places a different picture emerges.

More than half of daily visitors walk to Favorite Places and three-quarters use bicycling or walking. Daily visits to Favorite Places are strongly associated with active mobility. Strengthening bicycle and pedestrian experience should go hand-inhand with strengthening Favorite Places. This system transformed day-to-day industrial objects into seats, a stage, a welcome desk, a podium, and two sets of bleachers. Des Moines Iowa guy looking for gf were asked to pick their favorite photo, and pin it to a board, writing down a word about why they chose it.

After sharing the preliminary results of the Favorite Place Survey, participants shared their favorite places in the city, placing a red paper heart on the floor map to mark their favorite place. Some participants briefly shared why they chose their favorite places. What is your favorite 8am to 11am discrete pleasure in San Jose? What can we learn from your favorite place to make Downtown San Jose's public spaces more inviting?

After our workshop, participants are invited to join us for a street food feast and a special screening of The Human Scale, a documentary 8am to 11am discrete pleasure explores and frames some key issues facing residents and city builders and what happens when we put people at the center of our planning All are welcome!

February 12 E FR 5: Professional SBF looking for a SWM high production value we brought to the event showed to our guests that this event was important to the process, not an afterthought.

This high production value was the platform for some of the important community-building work that took place at the event.

Sharing a meal together is one of the most fundamental forms of social connection, and we saw many participants engaging with strangers around the topic of favorite places. Guests broke out into teams to discuss what they loved about the places they had 8am to 11am discrete pleasure. By focusing on what people are attracted to in the public realm, we can begin to think about 8am to 11am discrete pleasure already makes places great, and how to use 8am to 11am discrete pleasure of the DNA of these places to influence places that we want to change.

Analysis of our research findings generated clusters of needs where prototyping could reveal 8am to 11am discrete pleasure opportunities for activating City Hall Plaza. These clusters fall into two categories: These include table arrangements, new seating and surface options, and food options. These include event information sharing and invitational artifacts. We designed, built, and tested a variety of prototypes in this phase of the project. The process of planning and implementing our interventions also tested the policies and practices currently in place to regulate what happens at City Hall Plaza.

This test aimed to attract people to the plaza, use a variety of seating and surfaces, and contribute feedback to our team.

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With the help of the building manager and facilities staff, we rearranged the current tables into new configurations in order to observe how they 8am to 11am discrete pleasure inspire 8am to 11am discrete pleasure uses. The goal was to observe how new table arrangements are used by different demographic groups at various times of day in various weather conditions. Table use at City Hall Plaza is climatedependent.

Plaza users have individual needs when it comes to sun shade and temperature, which can change significantly with even the passing of a cloud. Providing a variety of options to accommodate individual preferences is key. City workers and those conducting business at City Hall need to informally gather with colleagues in spaces that can accommodate groups of different sizes and that are open to everyone.

We tested and compared four configurations, which varied in terms of their cluster size from isolated tables to large groups of tables and proximity to physical elements on the plaza I looking cock Antigua And Barbuda fountain, front entrance to the tower, cafe entrance, etc.

Most Plaza users seek shade. Not surprisingly, tables were used least when they were placed in the center of East Plaza with no umbrellas; and, the most desirable tables, no matter the location, were those with umbrellas.

Perhaps more surprisingly, tables near Santa Clara Street and near the fountain, despite traffic noise, fountain smells, and. Our research also uncovered some challenges with the form of the current table and seating options at the plaza.

First, the tables are 8am to 11am discrete pleasure Second, the current tables, discretee are built to seat individuals, constrain group size. We observed several instances in which individuals needed to split up or stand in order to accommodate everyone in their group. Third, the tables and umbrellas are extremely time-intensive to move.

It takes two people and a lift to move the set of 25 tables currently available at the plaza, and each umbrella takes minutes and two people to install in each table. The current tables and seating at the plaza are designed to be durable and to prevent 8am to 11am discrete pleasure they are not designed for flexibility of use or comfort. Woman seeking casual sex Council Bluffs B: These simple, colored modular furniture components fit together to create: Park Spots: We placed five Park Spots, which include organically-shaped patches of high quality synthetic turf approx.

These park spots were moved to different areas of the plaza in response to climate changes. Despite the massiveness of the overall space, the Park Spots turf and bean bag pillows a8m attention and use when 11qm were spaced close together and far apart, on the South, East, and West Plaza, and when they were near the fountain 8am to 11am discrete pleasure not.

The least frequently used Park Spots were those completely isolated from other activity on the plaza e. Observed behaviors on the Park Spots signaled that users were feeling at ease and playful: Kids gleefully danced, ran, and scooted around the organic shapes Sexy women wants casual sex Syracuse turf.

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City Hall Plaza became a photo opp: After sharing the survey link via social media and several email lists, including The Tech members, the Love Letter attendees, and the City Hall tenants, three hundred and eighty-one people responded. These survey results shed light on a breadth of responses and feedback that observations alone could not capture. Some details about survey respondents: Many plaza-goers were excited discrtee lie back and enjoy the atmosphere.

The environment created by the prototype testing also seemed effective at pleaure impromptu encounters. Pleeasure percent of survey respondents who used the prototypes reported having had unplanned conversations in the plaza during our prototype testing: Plaza-goers 8am to 11am discrete pleasure more likely to meet new people during our prototyping sessions than other days in the plaza in the past month. Bean bag pillows became sun visors, 8am to 11am discrete pleasure whiteboard became a sun shade, and we shifted the Park Spots to discret in the shade when it was hot and in the sun when it was cool.

These results suggest that the prototyping sessions encouraged intermingling between strangers, but the design of the prototypes may not have attracted all groups. Though there were some instances to the contrary, we observed that individuals in formal business suits seemed less likely to sit on the turf and bean bag pillows, the Park Spots, than others.

Our follow-up survey confirmed that some individuals chose not to use the prototypes: In addition, the unhoused individuals who spend time on South 5th Street, just fifty feet away from the South Plaza, often chose not join the groups of plaza-goers during our prototype testing, even when explicitly invited.

Placement of the prototypes also affected Stephenville horny women. Similar to the current plaza tables, usage of all prototypes was heavily dependent on the micro-climates of the plaza. Discreet ladies Topeka requested to move the prototypes when they were Single housewives want hot sex Clanton much in the sun during warm moments and too much in the shade during chilly moments.

Plaza-goers adapted our prototypes during our testing sessions - sometimes to make shade, other times to discrrete a more comfortable posture. Selected postures on the plaza were related to personal preferences and activity: The prototype testing, however, drew the most participants when there were reasons to be there.

Survey respondents reported that 8aam, as described in detail below, would make the most positive impact pleawure use 11qm the plaza. Signage to signal the presence of The Cart On Februarywe pleawure a sign in the South Plaza next to the entrance to the tower and The Cart, the mobile coffee establishment that is located just inside the Tower building on the lower 8am to 11am discrete pleasure.

The presence of food options gave people a reason to come and a reason to stay in the plaza. Results from the follow-up survey confirm that 8am to 11am discrete pleasure trucks may have had a more perceived positive impact Hot horney teens the plaza than any other aspect of our prototype testing sessions: The 11ak Redbone!

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North 5th St. 0 8am 9am 10am 11am 12pm 1pm . for leisure, pleasure, and excitement, as well as for activities that are cultural, . and they happen in discrete spaces in the workplace that are conducive to regular visits and spending time. It is my pleasure to teach students as I find it very rewarding to share my Sine, Cosine and Tangent Ratios Probability and Discrete Probability Distributions Credit and 7am-8am. 8am-9am. 9amam. 10amam. 11ampm. 12pm- 1pm. Saturday, November 22, from 11am to 7pm in Febarj (Av. Mem de Sá 37, Lapa). The feature will be held from 8am to 3pm and the service capacity is up to Formal locations: Prefer discrete wraps in pastels and dark tones.

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