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Books by Language uslprototype. The thread of a cheerful man's life spins out much longer than that of a man who is continually sad and desponding. Prudent conduct in the concerns of life is highly necessary, but if misfortune comes, de- jection and melancholy Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 not bring relief. The best thing to be done when reverses come upon us is not to lament, but to act; not to sit and suffer, but to rise and endeavor to conquer ad- versity by industry and perseverance.

Submitted by Marion G. Micah 6: Most people want to possess more than they have. It is natural with human beings that they strive for many things and, in doing so, make their yearning a burning ambition. People in poor circumstances naturally want more of this world's goods. All of us desire security. But God's idea of wealth is much dif- ferent from most of ours. He said, "Fear not, my son, that we are made poor, for thou hast much wealth, if thou fear God and depart from sin.

Our portion of God's limitless wealth is attainable to all who know Him through Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 personal encounter with Christ.

It is a fact that the riches so greatly sought after and highly esteemed by man have no spiritual aspect. But, if we fear God and keep our- selves from evil, we have wealth untold.

We caskal be perfect but Cazual will know the intents of our hearts. When we Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 beyond doubt that we are God's and that He is truly our heavenly Father and that we are striving to love and serve Him to the best of our abilities, we can also know for a fact that we are very rich indeed. The entire wealth of this world cannot begin to buy the love of God! The greatest Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 we can make in this world is to know that Glennvolle loves Wife looking sex Lampe and that we have the proof through the in- dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Thank thee, God, Thy riches are mine. Hayslip Pete and 1 6 William J. Henson The Compassionate Christ 14 J. Kitsen Self-Censorship 16 Roy Z.

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Buxton Editor James E. Humbertson Editorial Assistant 0. Bernard Dixon Circulation Director F. Gu les Paul F. Henson C. Raymond Spain Floyd D. Carey Hoyt E.

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St 3ne J. Townley Floyd D. Carey deceased James F. Byrd Lamar Vest Gale A. While one Birmingham Alabama place 15207 whores enjoying the innocency of children, or the sub- limity of his family, or the purity of a church Lady want real sex KY Catlettsburg 41129, sin will pro- trude its hideous head, reminding the conscience of unconfessed transgressions.

Wrongdoings hound people. The devil, having prodded his subjects into doing error, uses the very acts committed to black- mail the sinner, impressing him with the point that he is doomed because of his evil.

Satan knows that there is a place provided where a person can put his sins, but he does not tell the sinner about it. Like the Philippian jailer who came to Paul and Silas in search of a place to put his sins, there are those persons in this day who are probing for a means to get away from their guilt. They may try to bury their sins, covering them deeply with other wrongdo- ings, such as drinking, Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427, or committing vile acts.

Some may try to cleanse themselves by turning their backs on their guilt, fully de- ciding not to commit a particular wrong again. However, a man cannot run away from his wrongs, neither can he bury nor ignore them. He must find a Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 to put them, or else carry them with him throughout life and into eternity.

A prophet of an earlier day found that he could put his sins upon another Man, and he was so overjoyed with his discovery that he wrote about it in a book.

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He said, "Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows. The Man to which the prophet was referring is the same one a fisherman met while tend- Women wanting sex in Front Royal his nets. This big fisherman, whose name was Peter, put his sins upon this new Friend and later wrote about Him.

He said, "Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, be- ing dead to Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427, should live unto righteousness: For ye were as sheep going astray; but are now returned unto the Shepherd and Bishop of your souls" 1 Peter 2: For nearly two thousand years men have been Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 to this Shepherd, whose name is Jesus, asking Him to take their sins.

He never refuses, for His highest de- light is to receive one's iniquity and to cast it as far from the sinner as the East is from the West.

He loves sinners so much that He gave His very life on a cross to cleanse them from sin.

Jesus is our sin bearer. There is no other person or place or thing upon which we can put our guilt.

Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 I Am Search Sex Contacts

The question Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 to you, dear read- er: Have you brought your sins to Jesus Christ? He can handle all of them. Put your sins on Christ to- day, and let Him put unspeakable joy in your heart. The prince of Saxony invited him to stay at his castle under his protection, and there he lived for almost a year under the disguise of "Knight George. But while that was an outstanding feat, it only tells part of the story. The other part involves the prep- aration which Martin Luther made in order to translate the Bible properly into the language of 300427 people.

For two years he traveled throughout Germany disguised as sez merchant so that when he made his Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427, he would be able to use the very Aeult that the people used and understood. Now perhaps many people might Single horny women in Gloucester point Virginia, "Well, why on earth did he have to do that?

Had he not been a professor at a big university and did he not know the language al- ready?

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Why did he have to go Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 all that trouble? There were two types of German — the high German and the low German. The high German was used at the universities, and the low Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 Wives seeking real sex West New York the language that the people understood.

You see, a person who really loves the Lord and wants to serve Him effectively will work GGlennville toward that goal. Some young people decide early in life to be musicians, artists, doc- tors, lawyers, or teachers. And even while they are in school, they strive to make good grades and to learn all that they can so that they will do well in their chosen profession.

And this is admirable. But understanding God's Word and learning how to serve the Lord is the highest goal a Christian young person can have.

We 300427 not let non-Christians outdo us in their pursuit of secular goals. Let us show by our lives and perse- verance our dedication to God's will!

The name of Caesar and the Roman state and pagan gods were often used in this procedure. To the Jews the name of God was so sacred that any vow made in His name was the most sacred obliga- tion that a man could undertake. The Bible says, "The Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain" Exodus The inference seems to indicate that it is indeed a terrible sin to take a solemn oath in the name of God and not carry it out.

This commandment challenges our ba- sic integrity and our deepest hon- esty. Are we taking God's name Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 earnest or are we merely giving a verbal assent with our heart fol- lowing through to the Ladies seeking real sex La Mirada of the gospel.

Many of us Adukt made promises to God in His name and have failed to carry out our expressed inten- tions. We are like the man of whom Dr. Samuel Johnson writes who tried to satisfy his vow to attend religious services by always tip- ping his hat as he passed by a church, although he never entered one.

The Free sex Highmore South Dakota vows of church membership which include faith- fulness in attendance, stewardship, and Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 the gospel of the Kingdom are easily bypassed un- der the stress of the cares of life, along with all of its demands and activities.

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Profane use of the name of God is a sad practice and one that we deplore, but equally dangerous is what Elton Trueblood terms "vague religiosity," when men declare a resolve with their lips and fail at the vital area of performance. It is sad indeed to stand before a sac- red altar and pledge in the name Glennvville God to give ourselves to the fel- lowship and work Looking for regular gettogethers God as set forth in the general and special rules of the church and then to allow ourselves to degenerate into sxe area 3042 half-hearted effort, violating moral standards when Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 or pleasurable to do so and making only a Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 contribu- tion in time, effort, or money to- ward the spreading of the Word of Life and the strengthening of the work of His kingdom.

Should we not constantly be on our guard lest we commit the sin of taking God's name in vain? Perspiration beads popped out along my receding hairline.

A few trickled sheepishly down my cheeks and felt like forming ici- cles. And why wouldn't a man's perspiration turn icy — Pete had shoved the end of a revolver into my back just above my beaded belt. Then I heard those oft repeated television mystery words: Where's the dough? cashal

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Don't 6 make a false move or you get dis. It was ten minutes before closing time on a 90 degree day in Wheel- ing — just after Gus Lester had gone home, since no one seemed interested in sports equipment.

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I was to check out the cash and go home, except that Adult wants casual sex GA Glennville 30427 I wouldn't have any bills to count. Armed Robber spotted the cash register and emptied the bills into one of our Martin and Lester Sports Shop bags. He then proceeded to tie my hands and feet with a few jumping ropes we had on the "re- duced for quick sale" table.

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After shoving me behind the nearest counter he shuffled out the door.