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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Books by Language uslprototype. Party on Garth!

Holy double exposure Batman! Can the Dynamic Duo escape the CHS senioritis trap or will they be doomed to repeat their senior year? Tune in next year, same school, same book, and check it out. Did I read that right? Did some- body say school is fun?

No way!

Admit it. Few of us are. Few of us do.

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And maybe, just maybe you have Blonde at Capac Michigan g things to do with your life than cram for a big test. Most of us can think of something. Clubs and other activi- ties can break up the mo- Michiggan of student life, not to mention the after-school activities available.

During school hours, someone always seems to find a way to get out of class. Matching from head to toe are Mivhigan Lietz and Ron Gott.

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Brian Schaefer and Laurie Behnke. Third row: Second row: Page Design: Yvonne Willman 5 Mr. Cutler dresses up as his idol.

Homey The Clown. The class of placed first every Blonde at Capac Michigan g in each theme day event. Sock and sweats, role reversal, and farmer day were just a few of those days. The eighth grade, however, trailed closely behind. Friday brought the tra- ditional homecoming pep assembly: The pie eating contest, the orange pass, and yelling contest were Micyigan each class partici- pated in.

Though CHS stu- dents showed great Cock kisser needed and support for the football team, they realized that it took more than Blonde at Capac Michigan g spirit to win the game on Satur- day.

The grand finale was the homecoming dance where the students rocked and rapped to their favorite tunes.

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Homecoming can at times be very fruitful as Rachel Sauers and Roy Grassel demonstrate in the orange pass. People Far and Near: H alla, Halla. Ahov, Konnichiwa; to many stu- dents hearing these words would make them Blonde at Capac Michigan g the person speaking them is from an- other world, but in all reality the words all mean the same thing. The words are written in four dif- ferent languages from around the world.

Cappac Capac School District gives its students the chance to learn about different cultures by hosting for- eign exchange students each year with community families.

Capac had four exchange students this year, three seniors and one sophomore. The foreign students attend Blonde at Capac Michigan g full year and may participate in any sports they wish. Two foreign exchange students, senior Johan Dahl- fors from Sweden, and sophomore Eva Gabrielova from Czechoslovakia, are living with the Hoover fam- Michlgan.

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Senior Doerte Scharnowski from Germany is stay- ing with Mr. I like that schools in the U. Azumi Sato from Japan, is hosted by Mr. Azumi stated that she liked the challenge of an American education and the Capac experience. Johan Dahlfors's father accompanies Johan for lunch: Eva Gabrielova and Azumi help each Cxpac play the piano in choir class. Eva smiles pretty for a Blonde at Capac Michigan g picture.

Are you undecided what to buy for lunch Azumi? Worden as she raids the candy room. Watch out teachers, this is what Noele does behind your backs.

Photo — Castle Being a talented drummer, Anthony Gemus leads the halftime show. All courses offered as- sured our students that they will be well prepared for their futures, that is, if they work hard. Among the new Ca;ac tives were Life Skills and a choir class. They were a break from the usual re- quired courses. A number of juniors and seniors traveled to St. Clair Technical Educa- tion Center to Blonde at Capac Michigan g skilled in a trade. Wayne Fraley, a 1 graduate of CHS, attended through his junior Casual sex in Raleigh senior years.

Classes needed for col- lege admission are offered at CHS, Mcihigan as the ever- popular Physics and Chemistry classes taught by Mr. Hunt, best known for his whistle. Micnigan stu- dents who like to tear apart organisms and see how they work, Mr. Young teaches Biology courses. Also included are classes such as Trigonom- etry and Spanish. Cwpac are not Blonde at Capac Michigan g the college courses, but they show school isn't all fun and games.

Jennifer Rushton Blonde at Capac Michigan g Row: Dennis Guiser — Superintendent. Front Row: Kathleen J.

Ta — President, Walter W. Lentz — Vice President, Virginia J. Schaefer — Treasurer. Y our days at the beach, trips to Cedar Point, and chances for sleeping in could all come to an end.

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At one meeting, curious school board members discussed the pros and cons of both options. One important t why students should at- tend school year around is that during summer breaks Blonde at Capac Michigan g forget what they have learned, so teachers spend time re- viewing when they could be teaching more.

Yet after discussing both options the school board has de- cided to keep the original school calendar for the school year, much to our relief!

They plan to check more extensively into the cost and the advantages of both options. Though not every board meeting Blonde at Capac Michigan g such major issues, the work of our school board mem- bers plays a very impor- tant role in determining the future of education in Capac!

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Photo — Caoac Page Design: We never zt to think how our school was cleaned and our Blonde at Capac Michigan g was cooked. Malburg, our school janitor, picks up after each one of us. When we drop our papers on the floor we very rarely Milf dating in Frederic to think of how it is to clean up.

The food that is cooked for us each day and eaten in such a hurried fashion is prepared early in the day from our hardwork- ing kitchen staff. With this cooking staff, there is more than just cooking involved. How many of us would like to stay in the kitchen and cook all day then at the end of the day wash all those dishes? Brozowski and Mrs.

We should all learn Blonde at Capac Michigan g try to appreciate all the Blonde at Capac Michigan g work that our high school services staff does for us. For without these people, our days at school would be a mess. Worden and Mrs. Eisner is in a daze as she searches for those statistics. Manning shows off her pearly whites — has she just eyed another chocolate chip cookie?

When Mr. These six refuse to go to class till Mr. Marzka promises no quizes for a week. Think it worked? In our English classes we are not only taught about grammar, but also how to express ourselves and how to communicate properly with others. There are inspiring au- thors all through our Lit- erature book that demand us to think in new and dif- ferent ways. When reading these stories we go with the characters through a jour- ney of situations.

We watch them grow and Heather Behnke smiles as she gets her test back. We are chal- lenged to ask Blonde at Capac Michigan g, how would I handle this? In our Civics and World Horny women in high heels class we learn how our nation and foreign nations act and interact.