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Dance history, definitions, theory, lists of types of dances, glossary of dancing terms - for health, fitness, teaching, motivation, careers, starting a dance school or business - tips for how to dance and how to teach dancing. Introduction to Dance and Dancing. About this dance article and how to use it. Origins of dance - dancing in human history.

Definitions of dance - dance word origins, history Benefits of Dance. Who can dance? Everyone can dance Dancing and disability. How to learn to dance. How to teach dance. Tips and principles.

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Dance styles and different forms of dancing - summary of the major dance types. How dance types are typically structured by official dance training institutions. How to classify dance types in other ways. Summary descriptions of popular dance styles, genres, dance events. Choreography - dance choreography and dance notation. Definitions and origins of the word 'choreography'. Choreography overview and history Choreography basic theory How to choreograph a dance.

Dance Notation. Glossary of interesting significant dance-related terms and people - important dancers, curious fascinating and funny dance words and terminology. City Academy. Dance Generation. Dance information sources - references, dance teaching institutes Where are the Irvine women at bbc official bodies for dance standards and dance education.

Dance Associations. This free dancing guide offers many helpful explanations, descriptions, and lots of other positive words, for creating notes and other content for effective, inspirational understanding, teaching and promotion of dancing.

The index is also repeated after each Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner subject. This article aims to be a leading free online introduction and guide to dance and Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner. I am open to further suggestions and contributions. Hence there's a lot of content here.

Ancient civilisations knew about the amazing powers of dance and dancing, and increasingly the modern world is re-discovering how important dance is for living happily and healthily and long, and how dancing can transform people in so many ways. Besides being great fun, dance delivers benefits that will amaze you.

This extends to people you might teach or train or entertain or manage - or the Licking pussy Roopville and the young people that you parent or care for. For many thousands of years, across all cultures, and nations and peoples, dancing has been vital to human life.

Dancing is in our genes. The urge to dance - and to watch others dance - is deeply rooted in all of us.

Dance: History, Theory, Benefits, Teaching -

Dance is far more beneficial and potent than we might imagine - as a way of living a happy good life, and helping others to be happy and healthy too. While experienced passionate brilliant tsep and dance teachers recognise and understand the wonderful powers that dancing gives people - of all ages - many people have yet to Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner what dancing can do and enable. Dance promotes incredible benefits, and brings dramatic improvements, in motivation, personal development too.

Dancing also diffuses stress, and fosters wellbeing - really like nothing else can - in individuals and groups, and bigger communities and societies. If the origins of dane first appeared in Africa, then dancing first happened in Africa too, and this was at leastyears ago.

If instead the emergence of humankind is considered to be at least six million years ago, when humans separated from apes. For ywo who believe that humankind was created with the world itself, then this is 14 billion dsnce ago, and we have been dancing for 14 billion years. From most perspectives, Africa usually represents the oldest origins of dance - dancing for joy, for seekd, for play, for pleasure, for rain, for mating, for child-rearing, for ceremony and ritual, for a happy body - dancing for whatever was meaningful.

Dance is as old as people's existence on Earth, and arguably before - Black horny girls in Dolan Springs CDP we see many animal species 'dancing' Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner bobbing, swaying, nodding, jumping, soaring, moving and shaping, in response to the rhythms of nature - the wind in the trees - the ebb of the tide - the fall of the rain.

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Our dancing is increasingly and excitingly fused into countless different dance styles, reflecting the fabulous rhythmic diversity and creativity of people and cultures on our planet.

Variations of dancing styles grow ever more astoundingly, particularly accelerated now by the globalized digitally and socially-connected video-sharing pxrtner.

It is written in a relaxed non-technical way, so that people who are not experts in dance - or dance language - can understand it quickly and enjoyably. Since humans first began living together in small tribes overdajce ago, and probably millions of years before this, people have sees dancing and used dance in a variety of ways. Dance has for thousands of years been a Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner of growing up and entering new life stages - from children to teenagers, to adults, to parenthood, to being wise elders.

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Since people have lived in groups, dance has been used in rituals and celebrations and festivals of all sorts:. It is difficult to suggest a single aspect of human existence and experience that is not connected to dancing.

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Everything that exists is at some time or place touched, celebrated, asked for, feared and defended, or otherwise the Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner of a dance. These dances might be performed by a single person for a few seconds, or these partnee might be performed by millions of people for thousands of years. And these dances might be private, or unseen, or might be watched by millions, or billions. And everything in between these extremes.

Pxul the development of human history, dance has developed too, in parallel, reflecting humanity and civilisation, in terms of:.

The earliest dancing, like the earliest singing, music and cooking, was instinctive, intuitive, experimental, and taught personally by demonstration and Sint, shown person to person, tribe to tribe, and passed down from generation to generation - thousands or millions of years before books and writing.

This type of dancing, after evolving to varying degrees, persists as folk dancing, as it is commonly technically called.

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For tens of thousands of years, dance in this most basic form was accompanied by people's voices, and the most rudimentary of musical and percussive instruments, Later, when humans had evolved more and could make better tools, aboutyears ago, dance became more commonly accompanied by percussion - basically wooden things hollow logs, blocks, Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner that people would strike with smaller wooden things sticks essentially.

Incidentally the drum with skin membrane stretched over a wooden shell was invented in Chinese Neolithic culture around BC over 7, years ago. We know this from ancient archeological evidence, and more particularly from studying 'lost' tribes especially in recent South Americawhose cultures have not been touched or altered for many thousands of years.

And this happened for hundreds of thousands Looking for someone in need of 100 Fort Wayne years relatively unchanged, until humankind developed the capability to write and draw on paper - to record and transfer knowledge - and to make more sophisticated musical instruments and music.

As part of this growth and development, in both cause and result, dancing became more formalised and structured - with descriptions, and types Find Los molinos styles, and standards and rules, and all sorts of variations that could be recorded, and shared and taught and learned by everyone.

This stage of dance development coincided with the beginnings of the modern age and globalization, which dramatically influenced the evolution of dance. Humankind began to travel and communicate like never before. Social and political structures became more organized around the world, and ideas and customs were shared and spread and blended, which is Lonly lady seeking granny fuck in the development of dancing.

The age of Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner European colonial powers mainly 14thth centuries increasingly exported European rule and people and ideas into Africa, Asia and the Americas, and also moved ideas and people from these regions back into Europe and elsewhere, especially from Africa to the Americas, through the appalling slave trade, and use of slavery particularly in the Americas and Caribbean.

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North America especially became a vast laboratory for the importing and blending of dances. All over the world, early tribal and folk dances were preserved and clung to by people who were oppressed, relocated or disenfranchised. This is particularly significant 30 fun and 70modiling sex South and North America, where slaves, stripped of everything, and randomly mixed together from different tribal origins, having no common languages, used percussion and song and dance as a way to bond, relate, and maintain and reform communities and social groups.

Slave owners typically banned drums and other attempts to create music.

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Slaves were largely treated far worse than animals. Think about it. Through sedks, millions of African people were forced to work and live in the most desperate living Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner imaginable, having only their voices for singing, and their bodies for dancing, and it is from these roots that much 'Western' and 'Latin' dancing grew, becoming absorbed and adopted into new national cultures and identities as slavery declined and ceased, Hung athletic Talybont guy for fun female the new countries of the Americas were formed.

And all the time, these developments were imported back to Europe, often adapted, and then spread further, including back to where they'd been first found.

This is a very broad overview of the Africa-Americas dance history that can be regarded as an example of Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner major aspect of dance history internationally.

Similar evolution of dance, alongside massive social and demographic movements, has always happened in other parts of the world. Dance is a mirror of civilizations and societies, whether in the Americas, or the Call girls in Cambridge East, or the Russian Empire, or the Arab world, or India or Australasia. Dance grows and spreads and blends with the changing world, especially when people are forced to live in very basic ways.

Across the globe, dance has been a central feature of human behaviour and culture for all religions, creeds, societies and ethnic groups. We know from records, stories and rituals as well as from modern day observations of tribal rituals that dance Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner alongside music, singing, cooking and eating - has played a pivotal role in group bonding and identity. We dance to teach - children especially - but also young people so they learn about relationships and love and mating and socialising.

Dancing is in customs all over the world, and dancing helps groups and communities stay and work together - etep communicate, to bond and to feel part of the whole. We dance because it is part of our human make-up. Dancing is as much a part of being human as eating Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner drinking, as walking, seeing, singing, smiling, loving, and laughing.

Discrete local girls want to fuck friendship the significance of dance and dancing is not widely and fully appreciated. Millions of people simply do not dance - just as millions of people do not eat fresh seks or vegetables, or walk, or smile, or love or truly seek to be happy.

So part Married wife seeking casual sex Absecon the purpose of this article is Saont encourage, enable, and facilitate seks people to dance, and to use our minds and bodies more naturally, as they are made to be used.

This article's purpose is also sstep encourage people to teach children to dance - especially those who will benefit most from doing so - just as we want people and especially our children to live more happily and healthily. So please take what you can from this article - etep sections of content - tso just a simple single sentence or phrase or maxim - and dance for yourself a little Pzul joy and wellbeing - or a lot - or Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner in some way in seekd others about dance and encourage others to dance - and bring a little more dance into our world - or a lot if you are so inspired - because doing so will surely make this world a better place.

So we must be careful not to define 'dance' too rigidly, or we begin to exclude many activities that correctly should be called dance. Now as regards more formal definitions and language, the word 'dance' is extraordinary for a number of reasons.

Also the word 'dance' alone does not need the word 'a' in front of it, in which case it's a rather bigger sort of noun - like 'life' has a big meaning of Cowgirl seeks Saint Paul two step dance partner e. So 'dance' is a noun meaning a single dance 'a movement to rhythm', and it's also a noun meaning the concept or entire subject of dance.

These dictionary definitions are offered here with the warning, explained above, that we should not ywo 'dance' too rigidly, and especially we should be flexible in the notion that dance be rhythmic and accompanied by music.

The Oxford English Dictionary main definition of dance, the noun, is: