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That led to a social media backlash that, while perhaps unsurprising, erupted out of a misunderstanding. On the show, Dimitri went out with a woman named Jocelyn, and after their first date Greenland cheating housewives hooked up.

He admitted that wasn't the right choice—they should have waited. He's a tool. Also, he and Ashley aren't actually married.

Probably a pattern of behavior. I'm so disappointed in dimitrisnowden.

This is why ppl think Greenland cheating housewives are all about sex. If you were so INside of love with her, you wouldn't have cheated and snuck around to bang your new girl. You're disrespectful as hell.

Will first dates lead to new romances? SeekingSisterWife starts now!

That still leaves the online reaction to Dimitri's hook up. Viewers and commenters likely wonder how'll they'll respond to their critics. Anyone expecting fireworks, though, will be disappointed.

As difficult as it was for the couple, they have no plans to retaliate. TLC Share.

Ashley and Dimitri Snowden want to make something clear: Still, they were shocked by the hate they received. More in Culture.

Nancy Pelosi: CNN Reporter. The redesigned bill was supposed to be unveiled next year but has been delayed until