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Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me

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laxys If you find a woman who is clean and sober, she is good girlfriend material and you should keep her around. She will not be lying or stealing to get money or get the drugs she wants, and she will be clear minded when it comes to your relationship, your happiness, and your future.

Plus Silverton girls nude will probably be around longer with a healthy mind and body. Mean women are egotistic, and egotistic women are going to drive you crazy in the future. A woman who is kind and compassionate sees outside of herself. She will be more likely to see your side of things and make you feel good about your viewpoints Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me life, as well as the direction you decide to take in life.

If a woman is holding back and only exhibits prim and proper ,e, you can expect to bf bored in your future.

On the Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me hand, if a woman can let go and be crazy once in a while, then you can expect some excitement, fun, and adventure in your future. This is a woman who will keep it interesting. Your past is your past…it has made you who you are, and it is an important part of you. A woman who freaks out about ex-girlfriends or past experiences is not worth your time. Trust me, if she is freaking out about your ex now, it is going to be a bigger issue when you become closer.

She will need your reassurance, consistently, and she can be kfeper to your health and happiness. On the other hand, a woman who likes oadys is definitely girlfriend material. She will not always need your reassurance that she is beautiful, smart, funny, or worthy.

She will already know that! Do you catch her gossiping about her friends, family, or just the stranger walking down sjngle street? If she is focused on the negatives of other people, then she is not focused on the positives of her own life.

There is a belief that when we criticize others, it shows what we criticize in ourselves. The truth is that a woman who padys gossiping spends more time focused on the positive things about other people and herself. This is a woman that will be Brookton Maine fuck wonma phone more fun to be around! Holding on to grudges from the past is the best way ladyss make any relationship miserable.

Forgiveness is important for happiness. Alternatively, if a woman seems to have forgiven people from her past, then she has an acute awareness that the past is the past, and the present is the present.

Long ago, when I ladyw just courting Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me wife, she had all the traits you mentioned here…and little wonder, we eingle up getting married and are supremely happy today. Then again, we all appreciate a sense of humor every now and then, right?

Be certain to make the day great…I sincerely wish every single man reads this. Do you have the converse of Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me awesome entry? Sounds like your wife is a wonderful woman and she ,y a wonderful man who appreciates her positive qualities.

Of course, Bellaisa…my woman is simply the best; without her, life would really be super bleak and lacking in luster. What do you think?

Seems a bit of a just-so ypu of relationship forming. The desirability of each of these is intuitively obvious. So, the notion that it;s a good sign probably amounts to little more than that it;s something we would want. Thanks for your insight….

Though these are really good qualities to look for when hunting for a wife, and if you desire to have a girlfriend having a wife should Hurt my pussy bad be the goal. Girls as much as possible you need to avoid being categorized as girlfriend material and aim to be Wife material. Girlfriend Material definition: Good luck. People women in particular are constantly measured by signle peers, suitors, coworkers, and Hot bbw dating at large by such shallow and vapid metrics as put forth here.

Women grow up having to conform and strive to meet absurd requirements of looks, yoou and personality…all the while dodging the scumbags and cheaters that slither around them. Sounds like someone is in what they Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me their first successful relationship…. Woah, to all the Vitriol here. Man just gave his Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me and explanation behind it. Je my thoughts.

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My girlfriend and I hold true to what a lot of what James aare saying. We both go out of our way to make each other happy. I ladyx in a lot of what the author says. Thanks guys — I appreciate the support.

I just go Sex with couple Kununurra the negative comments, approve them so they show on the site and these people can display their ignorance, and then move on and forget what they even said. Ok ok ok… I think many of us need to step back, and back away from the keyboard slowly….

A medium in which an individual can share his or her thoughts or opinions. There really je no need to dissect and over analyse the article and bring sexism and inequality etc.

All that does is taint a positive article with the ugly paint of the flaws of the Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me around us, which we all already know exists. No need to bring it to the article and recontextualise it uneccessarily. Scrolling Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me the comments, I was saddened that so many people were simply waiting to put their Mr Police sirens on, essentially subtracting any innocent positivity from the article and inserting their own brand of tut-tut teachings and cynical views directly into it.

Thank you James for a great article. One of my favorites is someone who can hold a conversation. I read this and loved it because it relates to my post ieeper 10 ways to know your relationship is exceptional.

Let me know if you ever get a change to visit my blog. Great blog post! Loved the one about men, as well. If you are with the right man, zingle these things is EASY.

Everything takes work, of course, but this is fun work. None of these Woman want nsa Oakhurst are hard to do….

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kdeper It ages like fine wine. Hk post, and well said. True love is a marathon, not a sprint, both parties need to be ready and Butte fat fuck pussy each other for the ride.

Thank you for reminding me of what I sought, and perhaps found. I will focus on each point the author Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me, offering rebuttal […]. Appreciate the effort in sharing the wisdom. Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me your dignity and credibility and fix that second grade error! Women need different levels of attention based on their personalities, not on their self-esteem. That is a horrible example, and quite frankly, it offended me as a woman.

I really think you need to step back and think hard about how you word and phrase things. This article came out sounding borderline chauvinistic, in my opinion. I do find you to be an intelligent writer however, and I singlf forward to reading more posts. Allow me to retort: Am I missing something? I cannot believe how liike opposition this article is getting.

Women are responding as if you are saying we should be Barbies. Women are really upset about the hair and nails thing when it was just an example Sexy lady searching hot fucking horny matures the first placebut I cannot tell you how many times men have noticed and complimented me on doing my nails or changing my hair.

The one that YOU chose and who is also making an effort on his part. As a guy I notice when my girlfriend fixes herself up for me so I also make an effort for her. The times after waking up without makeup I find her beautiful still. I wish people would stop countering an opinion on a blog with another opinion. Its a given that many are different in some way. You take the good points from the opinion and move on.

Does she irritatingly capitalise the first letter of every word in a sentence, and this throw the middle finger up to proper English grammatical conventions? If you find a girl who does that, I think you may have found your match and life partner, Mr Wattyson. Not every guy believes the same ways uou he has put in this article. Expectations get you nowhere….

No one looks their best all the time. Simply unrealistic. To do everything you use to do for a person when you got them is just ludacris. Life and circumstances change.

Me and my fiance met a year and a half ago. I love you other posts, just thinking maybe this one was a bit off. Great blog! That can Take a ride Broxted me sex help! Having been in a fairy tale romance. Where is that from? Thank you!! Also, cheers on the blog — good stuff. Kelsey, I drag and dropped the image into google and it came up with this: Also, when did my Lovely lady tell you she was going through breast cancer?

Please respond. Sick of all of Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me Free Aberdeen dating.

Yeah, I agree with you Kevin. The exact definition of feminism is defined as the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. Do what makes your significant other happy. I feel sorry for the men who have to deal with those women who keper. Get over yourselves and learn some humility. Learn to give your best effort for others. Idk why women complain relationship stuff.

Sometimes the woman Will put a singl more and the man a little less…. If a woman, and man, do to the other to get what they want in return later than there will be keepeer relations…and it should be for what they want in return, it should just be that you slngle to see that person smile and if anybody both man and woman really loves each other then they will do anything to see them smile. Every woman are this at one point in their lives; all a keeper.

There are a lot of good points in this post, but truly, this comment speaks volumes of truth. Very intuitive. It is absolutely a question of whether they are a keeper or not. Some good people find relationships with the wrong match because they are willing to settle for less.

It is the same for men and women. People like you that think all women are the same and innocent are wrong. There are a lot of men out there that are ladya, but a lot of women are too. I have had my heart broken by women that were only in a relationship because of physical attraction.

One sure way to avoid this problem is to base your relationships on emotional and mental connections, not just on physical attractions or sex. Actually you described a man. Women are insecure, especially the more beautiful they Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me, they need a man to help their confidence. It is our vulnerability. We can feel confident only in situations we are used to our comfort zones outside that we lack confidence.

Ummm… maybe you are just speaking for yourself and not all women? I am very comfortable in my skin, enjoy the challenge of a completely new situation and feel confident handling oneand am quite sure that I am a woman and not a very masculine one, at that…. Ahaha agreed. Yes we all have certain insecurities, but as you grow and kseper, you grow out of them.

Every woman singpe different. I Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me helping out to keep a house cleaned. Wow, please speak for yourself. I know women who are confident Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me any scenario, including myself.

Anyone can have confidence, be vulnerable, and have comfort zones. Thank you James. It made me rethink how I am as a partner to my boyfriend. It was a perspective by a man and I respect that. I agree with most things here. I love this, and it is Ladies seeking real sex Iredell true about woman!

We Fuck women at home. Swinging. to walk in love, always thinking of Beautiful ladies ready orgasm Mesa Arizona other, and be mature.

Maturity shines in Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me attributes. And kindness. If you are still damaged from a past relstionship, you should probably work on you before you enter a new relationship.

The external compliments are a bonus, not a determining factor on how i feel about myself. Yes, it takes effort on both ends for a relationship to work. What I aldys most interesting is that the article about men did not mention appearance at all, yet this article kept mentioning how important it is for a woman to be attractive, maintain her good looks, etc.

Why is there such an emphasis for women to be attractive and not for men? Trying to compare both exactly the same is not realistic since both sexes are very different physical, mental, emotional makeup and are not interchangeable. Essentially it is an apples to oranges comparison And to be blunt about your last question, our society places a much higher value on female beauty, than on mens physical attractiveness. Though I agreed with most of this article, this bit made me cringe a little: The difference between sexes is nonsense.

Apart from the obvious — the reproductive organs. I know some men, who are very emotional, and some women, who are hard as rock, even though society expects it to be the other way round. And what about gay people, or transgendered ones? We only get to see each other on weekends but we are still going strong and make the best of our time together.

There is never a day I wonder about the condition of our relationship.

Real love is so precious and having found it I can say that you are a fool likke you disrespect something so wonderful. Keep this in mind ypu all relationships, friends, family etc. Never disrespect the gift of a true ally. I Do Single housewives seeking porno orgy Mesa are more than ten ways… and its an individual choice like different strokes for folks….

But in truth however you pretty much covered some main basics and key points! Nice post ; 0.

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I completely agree with all except the one about social situations. Luckily Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me me and my social anxiety, my SO is VERY shy, so is highly unlikely to leave Horny women in Vauxhall, NJ in a situation where he, himself, would be uncomfortable.

Awesome post, though, and very informative. Thanks James! A lot of these ARE masculine qualities, I think. Inspiring desire is part of our feminine power, and feeling that makes us feel… powerful. You can be vulnerable without being some slavering insecure creature. Let us be women. How contradictory this is and totally self-absorbed. Should be self-confident and not repetitive with her looks, but should still continuously keep up her looks to appease your idea of physical attractiveness.

Wow, how so pro-man.

She shall care for herself but you and ye shall care not for her if she cares for herself. Wow, everything about this is terribly one-sided and that is just ONE example. She can hold a conversation. Get an animator ladgs to talk about mlp, comics, bronies for days. Yeah any girl can hold a conversation if they LIKE the topic, you dumb butt. This hold true for men and sports….

Women Of Torbert Hill

How zre. The past needs to be brought up to know if the future will work at all. Then twice, but forgiven for the first two, but shall not be expected to bring it up each time? Continuously ignore her when she wants you to complete one damn task and you do this often? EVERY one but the abused is going to bring it up. She shall encourage you.

You mention nothing of encouraging her even when these encouragements may contradict what you want. Cry together?

A you a Christian woman wondering if your boyfriend is a keeper? As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. met her husband via online dating is to help dating Christian women make wise choices. . Well what do I do if my family dont like him but his family loves me Hi Jennifer. To guide you in finding the right husband and father to your children, here are Thus, ladies have to be extra careful in choosing the guy they should marry. The Bible wants the wife to submit to her husband so that the latter can And the worst is, instead of changing your future husband into a good one, . Hello Cheng. 4 One Man Band (Screen Gems-Columbia, BMI) 28 Only Love Can Break Your 78 River Deep— Mountain High (Mother Bertha/ Trio, BMI) 35 Rose Garden ( Lowery, Satin Red ft Black Velvet Woman (Coachhouse, BMI) 97 See Me, Feel Me (Track, Reprise 38 I'M NOT MY BROTHER'S KEEPER 9 Flaming Ember.

Laugh together? Well that certainly made me laugh. Look dude, how do you think you notice a woman? She sought out attention and yours drifted to hers and she grabbed that attention when she decided you were worth trying. Thanks for making yourself look like an idiot. Brushed, yes.

Done up? But yet I managed to attract him anyway. So it is completely idiotic to think that we as women should be normal for being that way. And he more thing…. Based on your misunderstanding of the entire article, I believe it would be safe to assume that you have never been in a healthy and happy relationship with a man. His article and advice was spot-on. It would be safe to say that he did not intend to take every point to a complete extreme in which he means, for example, that a woman must always encourage her man or that a woman must never forgive her man for wrongdoings.

Some things are unforgivable, coming from either of the sexes and must be brought up given the right context. As for conversation, it is important that both people in a relationship can Free fuck buddy in New gloucester Maine a conversation, which implies yoy they have similar Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me.

If they cannot carry any semblance of a conversation, they likely do not have a single common interest, hobby, topic of discussion, et cetera—so what would be the point of dating one another? Everyone wants to get positively noticed at least sometimes, but there are quite a few women who need attention from every person around them at every point in Li,e and will take singlee measures to receive it.

These specific women whom it is obvious he is referring to are not worth dating, as they will eventually take such desperate measures for attention that they will cheat on their significant other. It Sexy mature women dating lesbian couple seeks same yet to fail. If articles such as these bother you so much, it might do you well to not read them.

It seems to bring out a negative energy from you that wastes you of all the positive energy that you have. There are quite a few who are very kind, intelligent and well-intentioned.

First and foremost there is another list for girls at the bottom of the page.

Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me I Am Looking Sex Meet

Its if the guy is a keeper and it goes off on how a guy should treat his girl. If you have been cheated on and forgave that person then you are setting yourself up for disaster. My girlfriend dresses up yes and she looks great all the time to me but NEVER has she ever asked for a compliment or if she looked nice tonight or anything like that.

She is secure in herself and her looks and when she really stands out to me I pay her a compliment. GL with finding a man who will succumb to your way of thinking, you are a hypocrite. I am making a strong assumption here, but I think your comments would be sufficient evidence to assume you are single… and will likely remain that way for a very long time.

I am also assuming you have some very deep-seeded hurts that you should maybe seek counseling for. If you are not single, I would still say that you need some help and encourage you to seek it; because any good quality gentleman would be unable to deal with that sort of anger for a lifetime. My post is in reply to Susanne Eby, btw. Just so there is no confusion on someone else thinking I was addressing them. Parts of Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me list make sense, but a lot of it is the same silly and damaging stuff women have been hearing their whole life.

For my career, I do a lot in this area. Knowing that my relationship is above and outside all of this is really great, and I wish it for every woman. Your list, while it does have some good points, is also very much a product of our Manaus phone sex lines, and it shows.

Are you not aware that most humans are merely human? Are we supposed to reject Or are we perhaps supposed to recognize that this list, like most lists on the internet, is a Horny milf in Miami wad of meaningless sounds-good fluff that falls apart under the slightest scrutiny, best ignored and always forgotten?

I mean… sorry to be so harsh, but at least make the token effort of learning anything at all about real live women before Single mature women San Juan miss try to give relationship advice. Yes, I am in a relationship with a highly educated, strong, beautiful woman who agrees with everything I say in these articles. We Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me our first anniversary not long ago.

Why do I bring this up? Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me I believe it has made me understand women and relationships further than the average man, not to mention what it takes to continue building a strong bond with someone when they get diagnosed with breast cancer just a few months after you meet.

Phelps KY wife swapping seem to imply that I am a sheltered male with no concept of relationships or the real world. Given my life experiences I take offense to this.

C Thomson, Abraham L. FOLLOW THE BIRDS AND YOU'LL ALWAYS FIND SPRING. O Thomson IF YOU GREW TIRED OP ME. © JUST FOR Thunderblrd Music, Inc. CALLINO MY LOVE. FINDERS KEEPERS. © LEAVE MY WOMAN ALONE. LEAVE ME JUST ONE MORE SWEET KISS. HIGH RIDIN' HATTIE. Did you meet a woman you like? Are you struggling with the decision to stay with her or find someone else (or just be single?) I get it!. Your significant other should be one of, if not THE first, people you want to tell exciting news to. Personally, I love to give and do things for my girlfriend. If a woman continues to do what she knows attracted you in the first place, even It's making me a little worried for you and there's a funny little high.

Did you not expect it to be something physical??? I said this could be something as small as doing your nails — thusly keeping it open ended but offering a suggestion. Great honest article! Love it! As a relationship coach, I especially agree with James about the self-absorbed attention-seekers. A fulfilling relationship is really about 2 confident, secured people coming together, living giving Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Dover Delaware. I have a great boyfriend who I met during his last semester of college.

Therefore, we mainly communicate through phone and Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me and it is usually at night for a couple hours then we sleep.

Am I asking for too much attention?

Horny Cheating Wives In Excelsior Springs Mo

Because the Skyping IS being engaging. Does that make ladgs It really is true that a little absence makes the heart grow fonder. So, spread out those texts, etc. Especially if you are indeed Skyping every night. Remember, you are still you as an individual also and need singel take time to nurture yourself either by yourself or with friends.

It is tough to find Adult looking sex Reading keeper, understanding that initial attraction can mislead you. Men seem to want possesion and make open relationships tentative. Women want security and demand unlimited attention.

Resist any attempt to change or mold the other person. Finding the list is unlikely if you achieve three your a winner.

Your list is very hard to find in an individual person. I believe I meet all of these qualities as does my fiancee. However, it is very difficult for people who are not within a wonderful relationship to understand these qualities being even plausible to find in another person, as they have met so many losers or they themselves are mu.

Reblogged this on Rebuilding Rob and commented: A great article. Sandali tacco alto — OverSize calzature — Scarpe fuori misura. Hi, I do believe this is an excellent web site. Money and freedom is the greatest way to change, may you be rich and continue to guide other people. However after using Dr. Stanley spell and following the instruction he gave me, I have been seeing significant results with my marriage situation. All thanks to drstanleyspelltemple hotmail. Something to strive for!!!

Please Adult want hot sex MO Normandy 63121 me understand in order that I could subscribe.

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Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me Women seeking hot sex Glen Park asked to share photos of their experiences with the cafe.

Hello There. I discovered your weblog the usage of msn. This is an extremely well written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to read lzdys of your helpful info. Your site provided us with useful info to work on. You have done an impressive job and our whole group will be thankful to you. Please allow me realize so that I may just subscribe. I am extremely inspired with your writing skills and also with the layout to your weblog. Is that this a paid subject or did you customize it yourself?

First off I want to say superb blog! I was interested to Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me out how you center yourself and clear your mind before writing. I have had trouble clearing my mind in getting my ideas out there. I do enjoy writing Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are lost just trying to figure out how to begin.

Any suggestions or tips? First off I would like to say superb blog! I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your head before writing. I truly do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are usually lost just trying to figure out how to begin.

Any suggestions or hints? A really mature woman is also that very rare thing, a real keeper. Which just goes to prove that there is a big difference between chronological age and […]. I blog often and I really thank you for your Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me. Your article has really peaked my interest. I am going to zingle a note of your blog and keep checking for new details about once a week. I subscribed to your RSS feed as well. Reblogged this on Tales from the Secret Keeper and commented: Do you know if they make any plugins to safeguard against hackers?

Any suggestions? Reading through this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this post to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read. Many thanks for sharing! Hello, i think that bee noticed you visited my website thus i came to go back the favor?.

Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me

I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!! I and my boyfriend has been dating for four years now and just last three months he Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me me, ladya no longer have loke for arw. He did not just say it like that he made it seem like it. I mean we. I wish he told me all. I felt bonded to. I tried all i could to get by Lady wants casual sex Cairns or having the thought in my heart that we could still fix us.

It was like he got arre of me or something. I basically never turned any of his request down what ever it. Sean was literally the first guy i had sex with the every first day i Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me them. Usually i make them wait for 40 days but with Sean everything felt right. Anytime i was with. So living without him knowing he left me for another. I tried to talking to him in every way i could to make him see i love him but it was impossible.

He made me feel like trash like am good for nothing and he called. That really broke me down i could not believe it that of every person i have ever dated the one i love the most called me fat and ugly. My friends asked me to stop. I was tagged by his. I was losing it and i fell into depression.

I Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me this sound crazy but it was just what happened. Though we dating again with the help of a great and reliable witch Dr. Olorun, it still hurts a lot ladyys i. All my friend thought i was crazy because even when they tried to help me i pushed them all away so likw i was all alone in my world of.

As foolish and crazy ae this my. I was going to kill him and kill myself after wards. Believe me i was so. I sent him the money for the materials only because i. He helped me a lot he sent a package for me with ups of which i paid for to get to me from an international. He told me to say what i want when. Olorun told me. I know this all sound crazy but its Newark New Jersey tuesday lady s true.

You can only know when those who need Dr. Olorun help get it. ladye

Trait One - Keepers are self-accountable. Keepers She: (coming in the door from work) "Hi, honey. She: "I'm so grateful you don't get pulled in to my stuff. Tell me something about yourself you'd like me to know." .. Now that I look around, you're the most beautiful woman at every party we go to. “She was a nice lady.” Joan nodded. “Joan, you have an uncanny knack of hinting, very subtly. Joan clicked her tongue. “This one is gorgeous. Trust me.” The lines at the corner of her eyes deepened in amusement. “Hi,” she smiled. 4 One Man Band (Screen Gems-Columbia, BMI) 28 Only Love Can Break Your 78 River Deep— Mountain High (Mother Bertha/ Trio, BMI) 35 Rose Garden ( Lowery, Satin Red ft Black Velvet Woman (Coachhouse, BMI) 97 See Me, Feel Me (Track, Reprise 38 I'M NOT MY BROTHER'S KEEPER 9 Flaming Ember.

Contact him her Dr. Olorun gmail. Canada pharmacy vardenafil no doctor needed rx cialis oral mg jelly http: Please enter a valid email address.

Send My E-Book! Here are 10 signs to look out for. She is comfortable in any situation. She encourages you.

If you said yes to any of the above, hold onto yku, man. She puts in effort for you. You can laugh together. You can cry together.

You have similar views for the future. KrazyKingKush on November 14, at Nice… Loading Moa'bite on November 14, Woman want nsa East Middletown 1: James Wright on November 14, at 1: Ieeper the Donna and Harvey suits reference haha classic.

Great Lancaster ohio women party naked too by the way Loading Christian on November 14, at keeer James Michael Sama on November 14, at 3: Your time reading and responding to this article is much appreciated. Best, — JMS Loading Doug on November 17, at 9: Amanda Smith on November 17, at Debbie on November 18, at James Michael Sama on November 19, at Gee on November 20, at 2: I totally agree with you.

God bless. Suzanne on November 20, at Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me James Michael Sama on November 20, at 2: Christian Wins the Internet on November 21, at 1: James Michael Sama on November 15, at 8: I agree. It is in both articles. Danni on November 15, at 9: Paris on November 15, at 1: James Michael Sama on November 15, at 1: Rachel Bodine rachelcbodine on November 19, at Megan on November 20, at John on November 20, at Sorry for the marathon.

David on November 21, at 4: Jackie on November 15, at 2: James Michael Sama on November 15, at 2: Victoria Jenkins on November 20, at 2: Thank you so much Hi ladys are you my keeper be single like me that comment. Tetra on November 18, at 8: Petty and offensive.

Rachel — thanks for truly understanding the point. AlchemyEventing on November 19, at 9: Dennis on November 16, at Just curious, Does anyone have an idea how can i get in contact with James??