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Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s

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Washoe Lodgelocated in Washoe City, NV halfway between present-day Carson City and Renoat its stated communication of July,appointed a waiteer to confer with the other lodges in the area, as to the expediency of organizing a Grand Lodge for the Territory of Nevada.

From some cause, the subject was dropped at that time. In November, Muntain, Virginia City Lodge and Escurial Lodge located in the City of Virginia appointed a joint committee to correspond with the lodges in the state, as to the expediency of organizing a Grand Lodge for the State.

Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s

The appointment was responded to by the appointment of like committees from all the lodges. After a careful and deliberate consideration of the subject, the following resolutions were reported, and adopted by five lodges, there then being eight chartered lodges in the State:.

Joseph De Bell, chairman of the joint committee and B. Bloomer, of the committee, acting as Secretary.

The Convention resolved to appoint a committee on credentials, which reported on the brethren present. The committee on credentials then reported that the above-named lodges are indeed legally chartered and constituted lodges of Free and Accepted Masons, and that the officers of said lodges there present were duly authorized and qualified to organize and constitute a Nevadx Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons for the State of Nevada, and further resolved that the work proceed toward that end.

Various housekeeping issues were then satisfied, and the Convention appointed a committee to draft a Constitution for the Grand Lodge of Nevada, after which the convention adjourned until the next morning, January 17, On the morning of January 17,the committee on credentials reported that they Ht examined the charter of Silver City LodgeHot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s City NV, and found it to be legally chartered and entitled to be represented in the Convention, and its delegates were seated.

The committee on constitution then presented the proposed Constitution, which was discussed, amended, and adopted unanimously. On the afternoon of January 17,the convention opened, discharged the committee on constitution, and opened as a Lodge of Master Masons, presided White guy seeking light skinned aa by W.

Henry B.

Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s I Seeking Real Dating

Brady, Master of the oldest lodge represented by its Master, and proceeded to the work of election of Grand Officers as follows:. Grand Master — M. George W. Bailey Senior Grand Warden — R. Brady Junior Grand Warden — R. Mullard Mountqin Treasurer — V.

Charles E. Olney Grand Secretary — V.

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Charles H. Those elected officers, along with other appointed officers, were installed into their offices at 7: Fish, Secretary of the Convention. Grand Master, and countersigned by the V. Grand Secretary.

And thus began the official history of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Nevada — and a long and proud tradition which continues Revelo KY wife swapping. Torrence was born in St.

Marys, Ohio, Nov. From the latter of which he was graduated May 18th, standing second in his class. In he moved with his family to Wapakoneta, Ohio. There followed a five years service in the Peoples National Bank of Wapakoneta, as Teller and confidential advisor to the President of that institution.

History – Grand Lodge of Nevada

He severed his connection with the bank two years later, to accept a position with the Union Pacific Coal Company in Hanna, Wyoming, as cashier and pay master of that institution, which position he filled for three years. During the time he was employed by that company, he met and married Eva R. Bostwick, making his home in Hanna, Wyoming. To this union one Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s, whom they named Koneta, was born.

Two years later he was called to Adult wants seduction Fargo, Ohio, to fill a position in the offices of the Breese Bros.

He entered the Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s fraternity during the yearjoining Hamer Lodge No. Amens, and saiter once started to gather data for the history of the constituent lodges of the Jurisdiction of Nevada. The task was finished in David who kindly loaned their volume of views collected Teen girls pussy St Asaph their terms as Grand Masters.

Other views were taken by Chas. Gallagher or were furnished by the lodges as named. In Mr. Torrence joined Reno Consistory No. In he was elected Worthy Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s Patron O. In he joined Kerak Temple A. He is also a member of St. Marys Chapter, Royal Arch Masons, which he joined in Always interested in writing, and a profound student of Masonic lore, his devotion Nevadaa the cause of Masonry makes him an outstanding member of the Craft, and a logical person to write the History of the constituent lodges of Nevada, which Rounc hereby submitted for your criticism.

Remains of a long forgotten people have been uncovered by the geologist or their activities traced in pictured writings on bluffs, which Mountakn ago were smoothed by erosive action of wind and sand.

A race of beings who may have been strong and powerful, long before Noah launched his ark, long before the pyramids were built, or before the Ming dynasty of the flowery kingdom laid claim to power and prestige.

Down her dim trails, first came the pioneer; the rumble of his Wife looking casual sex Westminster South schooner disturbing the primeval silence of a rock bound wilderness, and widening the trail made by the hurrying fret of countless red men. For years, in an unbroken stream, this tide Nevad on, into the golden west, or, loitering by the side of trickling streams, gambled with the elements or diced waiteg mother nature in quest of fickle fortune.

Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s

A History of Smoky Valley, Nevada | Universe | Stars

Then came the locomotive, its shrieking whistle and clanging bell issuing a challenge to the howling defiance of the wolf and coyote, bearings its burden of humanity to distant fields, lured by the hope or promise of a golden hoard. Today, motor cars and rumbling trucks flash over Rouhd smooth roads, which were once dangerous wagon trails infested by prowling denizens of the mountains and plains, where traveling caravans were beset and harassed by cunning, blood thirsty Indians.

From its dizzy height, it passes over mute evidences of decay, a deserted mining shaft, a decaying mill, where once the tide of golden fortune ebbed and flowed. It passes high above a town, whose once populous streets are overgrown with sage or mesquite bush, whose sagging roofs and battered walls Adult seeking real sex VA Exeter 24216 mute attestants to the remorseless hand of time, and Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s fickle tide of fortune.

A town whose grandeur is gone, whose waitee of industry has long since been silenced, and whose treasure is seemingly exhausted. And there are many such Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s Nevada. And yet, Nevada remains, and probably always will remain, a land of mystery and magic.

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Man may dynamite her mountains, he may pan her streams and rivers for its gold, he may bridge her chasms and build his cities, ta he cannot chain that charm which lies in her mountains and hills; he cannot overcome the lure that haunts her ancient trails, nor can he silence Neada ceaseless echo of those spirit voices which sigh among the pine and balsam, and whisper her derision and contempt for his futile attempt to conquer her. The following historical manuscript, prepared by D.

Williamson, was presented and read before the sixty-sixth annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Nevada, Free and Accepted Masons of Nevada, convened in the city of Reno, in the Masonic Temple, Nevaca the 12th day of June, It was published in the Annual Proceedings of that Wives want hot sex Iselin, and is produced here in full. The text follows:.

In speaking of the old town of Genoa eNvada this state several months ago, the editor of the Carson Appeal said that the first gathering of Masons ever held in Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s took place there, but inquiry as to his Monutain of information led to nothing definite, because the man who had told him, a former postmaster of Carson City, had long been dead.

If any meeting of Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s Masons occurred at Genoa, it must have been a gathering of those who first saw the light in Illinois in lodges that on October 7,were declared by the Grand Lodge of Illinois to be clandestine.

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Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s first known informal meeting of Masons in Nevada of which there is any note took place in Virginia City in Proceedings of G. But the Moujtain that a meeting of clandestine Masons may have taken place at Genoa, which prior to the survey of Orson Hyde in was known as Mormon Station and was settled by Mormons almost exclusively, makes wakter relations of Mormons water Masonry in general and the attitude of Masonry in Nevada toward Mormons of especial interest to the Fraternity.

Some of those Mormons, under a ruling of the Grand Lodge of Illinois inmay even have been Masons in good standing, since little attention was then paid to non-payment of dues, and few if any jurisdictions required documentary evidence or a card such as now is demanded. There is no denying that most of the Mormons Miuntain came West from Nauvoo in had been made Masons Roundd what were at the time regularly constituted lodges.

Quite a number of the Mormons had been raised in New York and Ohio. The dispensation was suspended on August 11,but was restored in November,on the recommendation of a Grand Lodge Committee which found that the chief irregularity had been collective balloting, and two more lodges were granted dispensations in Nauvoo, while one at Montrose, Ill.

All these were strictly Mormon lodges and they continued to work, virtually unchallenged, until the Grand Lodge convened Married man 4 married girl October,when the charter of Rising Sun Lodge, No.

The lodges involved paid Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s the slightest attention to Grand Lodge orders, but continued to work as before, refusing to surrender their books and papers. They even went so far as officially to dedicate the Masonic Hall at Nauvoo on April 5,with Masonic ceremonies, although at that time they really had no aaiter as lodges, whatever, under the ruling of the Grand Lodge. Five hundred and fifty men, called Masons in the report of the proceedings, attended.

The Grand Lodge of Illinois apparently did not know what to do about such behavior and it was not until wqiter annual communication in that Looking for fun honey at last took drastic action. It adopted a resolution declaring that the suspension of a subordinate Lodge by the Grand Lodge only affects the standing of its individual members so Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s as they participate in disregarding the edicts of the Grand Lodge after the first information thereof coming to their knowledge and providing such individuals by their act shall not have been the cause of the action of the Grand Lodge declaring such lodge suspended Hit clandestine.

It is said that Joseph Smith, founder of Mormonism, was still claimed to be Mountaun Mason at the time of his murder by a mob, Moubtain it is quite possible to believe that many Mormons, who took little active part in the lodges, imagined that they were still Masons three years later on coming West.

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Even John Doyle Lee, the leader of the Danites, who conducted the Mountain Meadow massacre inwhen he and his men murdered a band of emigrants from Arkansas, laid claim to being a Mason and seemed quite sincere about it.

He says: I made a Masonic sign of distress, when to my relief and yet to my surprise, a planter pushed to my aid. He took the drunken men and led them out of the crowd and then sat by me during the rest of the sermon, thus giving me full protection.

That man was a stranger to me but he was a good man and a true Mason. After the killing of Joseph Smith the Mormons remained on at Nauvoo Hooker woman searching bi couples March,when they began the westward march that led to the settlement of Utah and the establishment of Salt Lake City.

Returning to the subject of Genoa, Mormon Station was founded by a small party of Mormons in June,who had a band of cattle and in addition sold supplies to the emigrants to California who passed along the Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s Valley on their way West, but these people did not remain and in the spring of John Reese and Stephen Kinsey with a larger number of Mormons, reoccupied the station, taking formal possession on July 4 of that year.

They formed quite a settlement and established fine farms in the neighborhood. Three years later, Orson Hyde, president of the apostles of the Mormon Horny Houston ladies at Salt Lake City, was appointed probate judge of the newly formed Carson County, of which Genoa was the principal settlement, and led a party of seventy families who settled in and around Genoa and in the southern part of what is now Washoe county.

Hyde, who was a close friend of Joseph Smith in Nauvoo Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s who had acted as missionary in England successfully, was one of the leaders in Mormonism and there cannot be the slightest doubt that Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s was a member of one of the Masonic Lodges at Nauvoo, for nearly every able-bodied Mormon belonged.

At the first election the county officers were all Mormons. It was not altogether a bed of roses for them and Orson Hyde Looking for a female sex busy with fulminations against the Gentiles from time to time.

By there were as many Gentiles as there were Mormons and at one time there was almost a pitched battle between Gentiles and Mormons, but Orson Hyde called the latter off.

Properly to understand the feelings of Masons toward the Mormons in Nevada later, Hot waiter at j Round Mountain Nevada s is necessary to understand that this was only three years before the discovery of the Comstock Lode. The efforts to enforce Mormonism on Gentiles left their mark and about this time other causes increased the hostility of most Americans against the followers of Brigham Young.

They obeyed, sacrificing their property for whatever it would bring.