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Updated November 09, Computing never used to be seen as a masculine pursuit, but since the 80s we have witnessed a fascinating recalibration of tech and gender, Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 the Seeeking males became alpha, writes Jeff Sparrow. The first 'computers' had names. ENIAC's operators were chosen from the clerks - known as 'computers' - who had previously been working out ballistic tables with desk calculators.

Most were women, and because the job entailed crawling within ENIAC to manipulate its switches and cables, they came to Seekign the machine better than anyone. That's just one example of the important role women played Sfeking pioneering today's high technology. Famously, the Horney wifes in Hakema first piece of computer programming was performed by Ada Lovelace, who, in the s, wrote an whhite Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 to be employed by Charles Babbage's "difference engine".

As Brendan Keogh Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 in his fascinating essay about the development of computer gamingmany of these advances took place in male-dominated institutions such as military facilities and engineering laboratories. Nevertheless, during the postwar decades, the proportion of women studying computer science herdy growing rapidly, faster than in any professional fields.

In a piece for NPRSteve Henn notes that the participation rates for women in computer science began to fall in the mids: At first, the association seems completely counter-intuitive. You'd think home access to computing would increase gender parity.

These early personal computers weren't much more than toys.

You could play pong or simple shooting games, maybe do some word processing. And these toys were marketed almost entirely to men and boys.

This idea that computers are for boys became a narrative. It became the story we told ourselves about the computing revolution. It helped define Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 geeks were, and it created techie culture. Wuite show that parents bought computers for their sons - but not for their daughters, even when the girls had expressed an interest in computing.

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As a result, boys arrived at university with a degree of computer knowledge that their female counterparts lacked. For decades thereafter, high technology became an overwhelmingly male field.

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Yet the Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 of Seekin computing world was a curious phenomenon. On the one hand, 'geek culture' wnite the 80s and 90s was almost defined by its exclusion of women.

On the other, male geeks were themselves feminised, invariably depicted as socially awkward, somewhat effete individuals whose enthusiasm for technology served as compensation for failure Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 traditionally masculine pursuits such as sport and drinking. A glance at the Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 office reveals a Hollywood entirely in thrall to cultural productions once the almost exclusive preoccupation of self-identifying nerds from comic book superheroes to space operawhile computer games have unquestionably become, in revenue terms at least, the dominant cultural mode.

The new ubiquity of the digital world - almost everyone now works, in some way, shape or form, with a computer - has spurred a fascinating recalibration of tech and gender, as the beta males become alpha.

At one Seekinv, an Aussie bloke would talk knowledgably about the innards of his car but respond incredulously to suggestions he understood anything about the workings of a computer.

Today, he'll hold precisely the same Seekinh, kick-the-tyres conversation about RAM and ROM and processing speeds. These days, tech entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Horney women in Rancho cucamonga Zuckerberg are portrayed not only as rich and powerful but somehow sexy, with their most geekish characteristics - the very traits that once might have marked them as slightly apart from the traditional gender roles - now reinterpreted as emblematic of masculine dominance.

The digital tycoons present almost as Ayn Rand characters: Yet Rand's heroes were also defined by the kind of physicality that the high tech berdy traditionally lacks.

For Rand, the capitalist was a Real Nerey but he Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 also a Man of Action, whose devotion to self-interest created stuff in the real world. Hence her notorious obsession with railways. It's fascinating, then, to watch the Randian masculinity re-invented out of material that Rand herself would have despised, as the internet becomes increasingly central to capital accumulation and thus to power.

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On the one hand, the recent history of technology is a narrative of misfits and isolates finding solace and community Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 opposition to the mainstream.

On the other hand, that community has often solidified around its own exclusions, particularly the exclusion of women. That's the basis Seeikng scandals like 'Gamergate' in the gaming world or 'Sad puppies' in the SF community: Jeff Find naked girls in White plains Kentucky is a writer, editor Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 broadcaster, and an honorary fellow at Victoria University.

His Twitter handle is Jeff Sparrow. First posted November 06, The headline should read The history of geek culture and its exclusion BY women. As a lifelong geek I can tell you women are not interested bboy you are not a suave, macho, violent scumbag.

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Then they complain about domestic violence. What do they expect chasing the so called alphas?

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If women, especially young women, weren't so dismissive and humiliating to geeks maybe they would be more welcome. Alert moderator. We might need to make a distinction here.

If a nerd Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 their nerdish behaviour boh adulthood, they will often experience a lifetime of social stigma from the other social cliques.

A "geek" is a nerd who has successfully drawn on their nerdish skills to succeed in practical endeavours, thereby causing other social cliques to respect them in spite of their nerdish behaviour.

Bill Gates is an example. Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 didn't respect Private sex ads in Kenton the nerd, who wrote computer programs in math class. But they respect Bill the geek, who founded Microsoft and became the richest man in the world. I suspect so Dove.

But as gamers are at the forefront of any Battlefield I - IV front line and have live spans spawns? Being a nerd myself, the ever so rare "female nerd" is hardly ever considered a "woman" in many of my social circles.

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They are by large, just one of us. The whingers I encounter aren't part of this group of "female nerds", they are mainly posers; mainstream wannabes and hipsters hoping to stake their share in the glory that is the booming IT world without having the faintest idea of the history and culture as to why and how the IT world evolved to what it is today.

It would be like having the most chauvinistic, macho man imaginable Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 that he is part of the LGBT, with little understanding or regard of the LGBT group's culture and history. He finds some of their ideas and practices alien and offensive due to his own willful ignoranceWaltonville IL wife swapping makes demands on how the group's dynamics should change on his behalf so Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 it can be more "inclusive" to his tastes and his vision on what it should be.

Well said GG.

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This is, I suspect, why Ms Sarkeesian is copping so much flak. As an outsider who has Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 she doesn't play computer games and even described them as "icky" Naughty woman wants nsa Surrey British Columbia stepped in and demanded everything change according to her personal sensibilities.

Though there is an element of sexism in much of the response I don't imagine anyone would feel the need to make rape threats otherwiseon the whole the antagonism against her is quite justified. I think the key part of the article is the claim that participation by women in computing dropped with the introduction Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 the personal computer. The personal computer was not an appealing platform to women, and so by flow-on effects women had a smaller role in computing in general through to the present.

The article claims that the lack of appeal was due to marketing and parental choice, but from the information presented in the article, it could equally be that computers weren't much more than toys, and these toys just weren't liked by girls, or that girls were smart enough not to be distracted by these toys.

So maybe computing caused the exclusion of women just because it wasn't developed enough when it was first becoming mainstream. Or alternatively you could say that it was excluded by women because it wasn't developed enough - and be saying pretty much the same thing. What rot.

Worked in the computer industry from to plenty of hot blooded males around then. If there isn't now - what happened. It is no different in any industry, just get on with it and keep on with it until you win. Just like the Melbourne Cup. Mikk, as a life long geek I can tell you that women are generally not interested in people who automatically dismiss and humiliate themselves based on the assumption that no women want Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 their friends.

Not only am Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 a geek, but so are most of my male and female friends. I'm also a young woman. When looking for friends I generally look for people that are confident and enthusiastic in their areas of interest, no matter what that interest is and enjoy sharing that enthusiasm with others. What I avoid is people that belittle others as Women seeking nsa Laneview self defence mechanism.

who, in the s, wrote an algorithm designed to be employed by Charles Babbage's "difference engine". And these toys were marketed almost entirely to men and boys. On the one hand, the recent history of technology is a narrative of misfits and isolates finding solace and . Not black and white. I spent my teens running with street gangs. Then I Seeking nerdy white boy into a knife fight in a Coffee Time bathroom—and the other guy wound up dead. As Google honours Perkin with a doodle (header image), the Nerd Druid delves As such, before use, it needs to be reduced to its leuco or white form, and kept in this Fourteen years later, in , Fritzsche had treated the same dye with caustic . Bryophytes: Seeking The Root(less) Origins of Mud.

I'm sorry if you have had Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 negative experiences, but if your attitude to women and non-geek men is consistent Seekingg the sentiments expressed in your comment here, you may need to rethink the source of the problem.

Sorry Mikk, having read further I can see your not the only person expressing similar opinions.

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I just saw yours first and jumped in. Guys all I can say is nerry if you want to have a better relationship with women and non-geeks, be confident Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 who you are and stop dismissing others for what they aren't.

You'll probably find that most people are a lot more geeky than even they realise.

While Mikk's comment descended into bitter rambling, the initial point was entirely correct. These communities, whether computing, gaming or just geek community in general, did not reject women.

Women, on the whole, rejected them.

The few women who did take part in these areas were as far as I witnessed enthusiastically welcomed. I suspect some of the bitterness being expressed by some is from the knowledge that this new interest is due to the money to be had from the industry, not from any Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 of the community or shared obsession. Sparrow has his analysis backward. The male oriented world of computers which existed in the late 20th century was not driven by the rejection and exclusion of women by the Seeking nerdy white boy 1840, but by the rejection and exclusion of the community by women.

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Had most of those men been Alphas, socially confident and successful with women, then 8140 is unlikely that they would have retreated into computing. Even Sparrow's "Betas becoming Alphas" statement is wrong. The men retreating into the computer world during that period were not Alphas or Betas, they Seeking nerdy white boy 1840 Omegas.

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Although you can't help but smile at the first article on The Drum that's ever elicited first hand wgite from the contributors: Gender is irrelevant. What is important is that you have people who want to do that work, and can do that work.

And they are given every opportunity to do that work, no matter what their sex. If that ends up being more men than women, then so dhite it.

If that ends up being more women than men, then so be it.