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In the year 1 million, Earth's continents will look roughly the same as they do now and the sun will still shine as it does today. But humans could be so radically different that people today wouldn't even recognize them, according to a new series from National Geographic.

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Premiering today May 15millin new National Geographic Channel series "Year Million" investigates what humans might look like far into the future.

In six episodes, the show explores the possibility of merging technology with the human bodythe potential to drastically extend lifespans, the effects of virtual reality, the use of computers to merge human minds, the availability of new sources of energy and the possibilities of spreading humanity into outer space.

Brian Greene, a professor of theoretical physics at Columbia University in New York City, is one of the famed scientists featured in the series.

Greene has written several books on string theory, a theoretical physics model that suggests the universe is made up of miniscule, one-dimensional strings. mlllion

He has also explored the mathematics that could help explain how the universe has more than three dimensions. Greene said he doesn't think humans 1 million years from now will look much like people do now, and he said their lives will be so different that humans today wouldn't recognize them.

Scientists predict life in a million years' time | Daily Mail Online

A look at what life was like 1 million years in the past provides an idea: At that time, modern humans didn't exist yet, and the most technologically advanced things on the planet were fire and the nillion axe.

Picture trying to explain an office job to Homo Erectuswhose day was spent hunting and gathering wild foods.

In the future, Greene said, there's a good possibility that humans will find a way to merge with their machines. In physics, humans may solve certain big problems, but that will likely only lead to new questions, he said.

That will be far from the end of the story, though. One example is Albert Einstein's theory of general relativity. Now we can address questions of the origin lookimg [the] universe," which wasn't possible with earlier physics, Greene said.

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In some cases, scientists may find that the very questions they were asking were the wrong ones. For instance, German astronomer Johannes Kepler, who was born in and died inspent decades mlllion to figure out why the Earth is located 93 million miles million kilometers from the sun.

Beyond scientists, others involved with the show include science fiction writers, whose job it is to dream up future worlds. One of these is Charles Soule, who has written several comics for Marvel and his own science fiction in the comic book series "Letter Still looking for that 1 in a million Oni Press,about a near-future mission to investigate an alien anomaly in the asteroid belt. This would mean humans would still be solving problems, but these would likely be different problems, such as figuring out the role of artificial intelligence or what it means to be human in a world that is dominated by technology, he said.

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Those kinds of questions can come up even in superhero-themed books, though science fiction is where Soule said people can think through "far-out, crazy stuff" and its implications — which, he said, is part of the job of the science fiction genre. Soule added that even though science fiction isn't often right in the details, its influence is felt in lioking areas.

In Year 1 Million, What Will Humanity Look Like?

The TV series "Star Trek," for example, influenced the design of gadgets such as flip phones and the concept of touch screens, he said. But speculation via science fiction also reflects contemporary events, Soule said.

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In Jules Verne's time, science fiction reflected submarine technology; when comic book heroes the X-Men and the Hulk first appeared, their stories mirrored anxieties over nuclear radiation. Fellow Santa rosa wfm book author Warren Ellis, Soule said, has examined the issue of post-humanism — the future evolution of humanity — in his Stll.

The world of year one million will certainly be interesting, Greene said. Original article on Live Science.

Jesse Emspak is a contributing writer for Live Science, Space. Milljon focuses on physics, human health and general science. Jesse spent years covering finance and cut his teeth at local newspapers, working local politics and police beats.

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Jesse likes to stay active and holds a third degree black belt in Karate, which just means he now knows how much he has to learn. Lolking new series "Year Million" on National Geographic Channel explores what humanity may look like in the year 1 million. Jesse Emspak, Live Science Contributor on. Science Newsletter: Most Popular.