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Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh Search Men

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Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh

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After the anxiety and fear are over, I feel very calm and taken care of. I enjoy the sexual pleasure.

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The pain is often eventually a pleasure as well. We get a sense of power, controlling someone, being entrusted with someone's mind, body and life, developing a relationship based on trust. Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh love being dominant. That's how I started out. The only man I ever submitted to is my husband. He started out as my submissive partner, then I taught him how to dominate me. For the last several years, I would say my domination and submission mke my husband is about I enjoy the control yes, but bringing the sub into new experiences as well.

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Guiding them and pushing them with encouragement. You get to create a sense of wow and surprise that if done right can't be concealed on someones face and body expressions. I like being in control. I get off by listening to my sub in discomfort.

Lustlegh enjoy giving him the things I know he likes. I enjoy doing things to him he doesn't enjoy as much. It is a fine balancing of being in control, taking care of the sub, and yet finding, that by doing this, I and he can enjoy our sexual experiences and kake Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh time as well it sometime blends together a wee little bit.

I love to hear my sub beg for more, to keep from going to far we always have a safety word that is not used in our everyday life. If I'm the sub, I tend to go until I see stars or feel light headed. I know it's not for everyone, but the more I'm the sub it seems I go farther every time. But male the dom, I do hold back. Wabting the dom screws up there is allways the famous "safeword" But Naughty looking hot sex Buda my personal opinion, we doms like exactly what the subs like To be good at being a dom I have to feel exactly what the sub Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh in any situation A true Dom or Domme gains their satisfaction in teaching and educating a submissive or slave to become better than they were before.

Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh Wants Real Dating

I have been known to assign a task or set a goal knowing it is impossible simply to see just how far the submissive will push them self to accomplish it in order to see if their heart is truly in it. The Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh thing is that when we do make a mistake we is that we admit it and do our best to minimize the damage and move on. I would love to have just one session as a sub so I could answer this question Just one????

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Being in a situation where you're a dom over somebody is just the greatest experience for me. It's a huge rush.

I have never done drugs but I have heard that a sexual rush is a lot like the effects of cocaine. If this comparison to a sexual rush and the effects of cocaine are true then I see why so many people get addicted. In a recent poll of mine now closed some nurses replied that they enjoyed the feeling of control over patients when giving buttock injections. Dome would know to dress me in rubber and sneakers, gag me, Lady looking sex Chance me in some position, play with my ass and give me enemas, all the tto narrating what she was doing and what I'd be made to do shortly.

The order, exact kink clothes, tightness, amount, induced sweating, enema content and wantong and duration and so on were all up to her. As well as anything new she felt like trying, like spanking me with a full belly. Threatening me with additional heavier rubber, bigger sneakers, more chores to make me sweat, more enema or longer holding, and what Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh have to do to her sexually to earn release from my servitude and humiliation were all up to her creative little kinky mind, and adding more Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh any of it would nicely push my limits of whatever kink she was manipulating.

She especially liked giving me "choices" of what to endure next, invariably two different stimulating mxke challenging tasks both of which would push buttons and intensify my submissiveness. She could then remind me I wantong "asked" or begged her to do it to me.

One time she had me restrained in Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh rubber and sneakers, sweating under a down Adult wants casual sex Gearhart Oregon 97138 while Lusyleigh a q enema with the inflated DBC still stuffed up my butt.

My "choice" was to a take another bag of water right now while covered go b delay the second enema until later after she'd uncovered me and I'd given her orgasms. The hook was that if I took it right now still sweating Lustleeigh the comforter, it would be 2 more quarts but I could expel right after I gave her orgasms, but wantinv I delayed till I was uncovered and gave her orgasms, Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh would only be 1 q but then she wouldn't tell me how long I had to retain it - maybe even watching her sleep until tomorrow.

Nice choice! Did you ever get your wish of trying out being a sub so you knew what it is like? I'm currently solo after a divorce, but my ex and I loved switching Domme and sub, so we both got to enjoy both.

Being sub z be intensely erotic and satisfying. I'm a switch and did a lot of both with my recent exes, enjoying both sides. Depending on the Domme, I usually tend to be a very compliant but very vocal sub, frequently complaining or pleading but always complying with my treatment. My very few Dommes enjoyed or approved of that behavior.

Dominance and Submission | What do Doms enjoy about BDSM…

I'm curious about what you're like as a sub, as you can be "VERY fomme. As you only submit to your husband, you reminded me of a fascinating experience I had once with a pro Domme I visited for enemas. Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh advertised as HydroMadam many years ago and after a few IM chats we trusted each other enough for a visit.

She was completely Domme and good at it. The second time she dressed me in somewhat less rubber and Cheating wives in Melbourne beach FL and blindfold and gave me 3 enemas in different positions, 2 with bags and the last sitting on a very full JBL on the commode seat. She masturbated me on the JBL and I eventually orgasmed after evacuation.

I had been my usual very vocal complaining sub pleading for leniency during all 3 enemas. Then it got even more unusual and interesting. Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh

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While laying together after orgasm, she said I was a really wonderful sub in her view don't know why and told me she wanted me to do our next session dominating her. After that we did a few more sessions at her place or mine, switching at different times, centering on rubber, bondage and Sbu, with me cathing her once at her request. In addition to enjoying our mutual times together, I was just really surprised the first time she said to please dominate her.

I never really understood how that came about to her, but I'm glad it did. Obviously she was a switch, at least with me, but I Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh know that to begin with. When playing doctor with my girlfriend in adolescence our Hung top looking for btm part was play buttock injections realistically simulated with sterile pins and we made them hurt as much as possible.

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I remember not only the apprehensive thrill of bending over Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh and getting them in my vulnerable bare bottom; I also recall my excitement at her nervousness when it was my turn to give those shots because I knew how she felt.

When playing doctor with my girlfriend in adolescence, I actually have some preference for being sub, but I get to enjoy the excitement and arousal during both Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh I have firsthand knowledge of what my partner is experiencing.

Great fun. I don't really have any business posting here as I'm just beginning to come to grips with the fact I'm a little bit of a Dom, Quinton NJ adult personals I concur about the control factor. I was raised believing the man was "the head of household" so to speak.

I know that will take time, and I know I will make mistakes Will get us through most things.

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My apologies if my thoughts on this offends anyone. Still searching for a submissive female so I've got some time to get this all together - I hope!! I never have anxiety or fear because I am totally in control of the sub.

After a session, during the aftercare part, I feel very calm because I know I have taken good care of my submissive. If pain is involved sometimes, but not always I know it was the proper intensity for the sub Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh find pleasure. In any case, I try to always let the sub know how much I enjoy her submissiveness and that I appreciate her sharing that special part of herself with me and for the trust she shows me.

As a Dom As a Dom it is about having the control over the Sub.

Gaining the trust and exploring the boundaries with respect and agreement. Being in control is a double edged sword. Did you question the reason for the submissive wishing to be dominated by you.

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Did you study the responses to your questions about knowing about being submissive and what was required of your submissive. This is a partnership so that you both receive what you desire.

Sure striping a willing females ass, thighs, back, stomach, and breasts are a major fucking rush for me. Making your sub the focus Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh negative pressure MA a former significan other of mine wanted to be beaten to unconciousness and then used repeatedly.

Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh I Wanting Sexy Dating

When I met her she was way far gone into only the pain Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh of submission and felt let down if she wasn't taken to unconciousness. It took months of retraining to bring her back to pain and pleasure submission.

As I decreased the desire to be taken to Sub wanting to make a domme Lustleigh I implanted the desire to orgasm while taking her discipline. But she wandered away and I imagine is back to her old self. For me the joy is bring my submissive to her potential. Also one of my former subs is a person well place eanting the muckity mucks of the Chicago upper crust.

But the demands of her job and company left her to make all the hard calls and directing the firm to gain more profit. She was brought to me because Lustleigg simply wished to serve dome. Be told what to do and if not done properly to be punished and Lustleigy disciplined. We are very close friends to this Swm looking 29 st North Las Vegas Nevada 29 and once every month or so she contacts me for a weekend of servitude.

Now bad examples are the 20 somethings that approach me and start telling me how perfect they would be for me.