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Lower risk of drama is why we are waiting at rather than inviting friends or locals that we might run into in Want to wet you. :) I'm NOT looking to hook up with anyone. I wanted to stop but i couldn't force myself to do it cuz i was kind of taken back by how cute she was. We ended up in the same line. I cant take it.

Age: 43
Relationship Status: Dowager
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Relation Type: Senior Want Woman Seeking Men

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Top definition.

Wet my whistle unknown. To consume a beverage of some sort.

Technically it Wxnt only be used in reference to drinking beer because of the history of the phrase: Back in the middle ages when beer was sold in ceramic cups they would be fitted with a small whistle which could be blown upon finishing ones beverage in order to alert Want to wet you bar staff that you require another beer. Therefore to get a beer would literally be " wetting ones whistle". Martin - oh look, I finished my lovely pint of ale.

Best wet my whistle with another Broadside or London Yok. Alexi - Get me some chillie nuts or prawn cocktail crisps while your there, you slag.

To consume a beverage of some sort to cleanse one's pallet. Oh boyam I thirsty! I need something to Wet my whistle! Want some water?

I sure do! Basically, it means to do something you enjoy.

Technicallyit means you do something to moisturize your mouth, like drink something. I'm going to drink a beer to wet my whistle.

I like Want to wet you car, oyu really wets my whistle. May 22 PRC Charlie Faze banks Milkshaked YESKA Let's just be friends Kit-Katting Ecosexual Rebeu Burninate RMK