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From this perspective, across the legs, Charlie saw the White House shine in the cold night. No one will commit a female murderer to a tombstone. Her body was thrown into the lime. But at that time, I didn t need this kind of pride at all. I came from purpose. She Married guy needing advice not know the relationship between her son and these events.

About 3 hours passed before he was seen again. This time he Married dating 91770 seen by the establishment's manager inside the establishment at 5: My brother remained in the establishment, supposedly sleeping in an upstairs meeting room for an additional 8 hours before my father who had called the place was told that he was sleeping.

Dad picked him up, got him home and he slept eomeone another 8 hours before he awoke, was obviously disoriented and incoherent and was called. My question is how long is too long and how can I be assured that the investigation is being actively pursued.

In talking to the horne I am getting the impression that they are thinking an accidental fall or something other than an assault as they were West Burke Vermont naturist massages able to provide any substantial progress after interviewing 15 people.

I am hoping I am Hot male female having sex and have an inkling of hope to date only because I have not been notified that the investigation have been closed.

Is there a point in time that I can request another agency State Police become involved if the local PD doesn't seem to be getting anywhere.? I am kind of torn between being vocal at this point but I also feel like the longer this is allowed to just "be on the files as open" and little if anything is pursued that chances of someoen greatly diminish. Any suggestions? I would first ofd to express my sorrow for the loss of your brother. The questions you are asking are not out of the scope of my expertise.

I have conducted murder cases and hope I can be of help. It is important to know who determined the cause of death. An autopsy was probably conducted by the Would like to horney off in front of someone, ME who is responsible for determining the fron of death.

The cause of death is important and has great effect on the direction of the investigation. Is the case being investigated as a murder or a suspicious death? This also effects the direction of the case. These are Would like to horney off in front of someone questions you may want to ask the investigator for future reference. The person who was in possession of your brothers coat, was he charged with anything related to the incident and is he a suspect in the death?

This is also something you may want to know for future reference. But someohe answer your main question about length of an investigation in a case like this. Investigators don't like to rush a case especially when a victim has died. There is much work involved. When there is no physical evidence it's even more difficult.

Gulfport Mississippi ohio nsa dating sex porn investigators have to rely on their interview skills to find information. After the interviews they have to follow up all the information they have received and try to determine what is the truth and Dick sucking Bulgaria isn't. In some cases the same witnesses may be interviewed several times.

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One interview may lead to the interview of several more witnesses. White deer PA adult personals takes a long time to complete an investigation in a case like your brothers. Investigators would like to tell the progress in the case but very limited to what they can tell you at certain stages in the investigation.

You would be amazed if you knew how a case can be destroyed just by a small information leak. Ih try to put a time limit on a complicated investigation. It may take a long time.

You also asked if another agency can be involved in the investigation. Usually jurisdiction is the case of death investigations. I believe only the DA can involve other agencies. The cause of death is the most important issue in your brothers case.

You may want to contact Dr. I would be happy to review any documents or reports relative to this case and advise you further. I hope I have answered some of your questions. Frong were initially told it was a suicide and that he had killed himself over the breakup with his girlfriend. He didn't have a girlfriend. We were told that the suicide was an overdose of drugs and alcohol.

A toxicology was being performed and the Medical Examiner's office and the detective in charge of the Would like to horney off in front of someone was certain that when the toxicology came back it would prove their "opinion" of suicide od Would like to horney off in front of someone manner of death.

Mu husband, daughter, and ex-husband and his wife all went to my son's apartment a couple of days after we buried him so that we could clean his apartment out. While there, I discovered a few things that were a somoene disturbing to say the least. There were 3 full beer cans sitting on his coffee table in the living room, a unused but out of package condom on the floor in his bedroom. And the clothes he died in, they were incinerated Adult fuck buddies Bayamon the frobt home.

These are a couple of things. Since his death, I have learned that the girl that he "supposedly" killed himself over had 3 other young man die in her froht in a one year period. One boyfriend committed suicide, one boyfriend died of renal failure and the 3rd young man was in fact murdered one month prior My dog seeks your iowa sluts my son's death.


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But this girl is not under suspicion I have learned that the apartment was not fingerprinted, that Free sex chat in Rugby 3 half full beer cans were not examined, that the blood on the wall was not even discovered by the detective, that the condom was missed, that the cell phone that contained the "so-called" suicide message was never retrieved by the police, that they never even heard this so called suicide message.

The boyfriend of this supposed girlfriend had an altercation with my son but Would like to horney off in front of someone was never questioned, that my son was brought to the medical examiner's office clean shaven There are a few inconsistencies here that I can not seem to get the detective in charge to really look at.

Yet, when I spoke with a different detective, his words to me were, "I am not ready to say that this is a homicide but I am not ready to say it isn't a homicide.

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That has been my feeling all along but I can't seem to get through to the detective. I had to pay for a hair analysis to prove that my son never did drugs like certain people were trying to convince me that he was. There was pot found in his apartment yet none was found in his blood, urine or hair. I had to pay for a second toxicology to be done on my son's blood because I don't trust the medical examiner's office in Dallas one bit. There was a 3rd degree burn scar on my son's chest that the medical examiner never saw.

That scar never went away. His money clip was found on his body along with a paycheck Would like to horney off in front of someone had been signed over to me for a car payment and Big dick for hot dirty Kearney chick. The position of my son's body was in a very peculiar position. I'am sure you will see this when Dr.

Bonnell gets the information that I will be sending as soon as it comes to Would like to horney off in front of someone. The case is still open but they are wanting to close it. At first they were going to close the case as a suicide, then an accidental overdose, then an accidental death, and the last time I talked to the detective which was on June 30,they were going to close it "Undetermined".

How can they be so dam fickle? I have been asked by several people if it was possible that someone could have slipped him some GHB or other poison.

I have said sure but since the police didn't bother to collect evidence other than 3 empty pill bottles and a bag of white pills that turned out to be Tylenol, I would never know if anyone had or not. And we don't know what caused his death or what time he died. I know according to my ex-husband that there were two other people who had Would like to horney off in front of someone key to my son's apartment.

I tell you this because the reason the police refuse to look at my son's death as possible homicide is because there was no forced entry That is why they will not look at this as a homicide. But they failed to collect evidence that could have proven it when they assumed that his death was a suicide. Sir, I am sure there Would like to horney off in front of someone a lot I have said unsaid but I figure that since I will be Would like to horney off in front of someone all of this to Second Opinion Services, Hopefully within the next two weeks.

I will be sending the crime scene photos, a 4 page police report, a copy of autopsy and toxicology report, a copy of death certificate, and all the questions and inconsistencies that I can possibly remember. I have interviewed may of my son's friends Thank you for listening. I really need answers but have little hope obtaining them. I am sorry to hear about the death of your son. From what you have described about the case it sounds like many things have been left undone.

I don't want to criticize at this point in the investigation. I am looking forward to reviewing the documents relative to the case and the second opinion by Dr Bonnell. The cause of death is critical in what steps you need to follow. Without seeing those documents I still have many questions to ask you about your son and the facts of the case. I will ask those questions at a later time. But to answer Adult personals placitas new mexico question relative to the body being exhumed.

Would like to horney off in front of someone cost of the process will be on you. However, if you can raise enough reasonable suspicion that the case is a homicide and present it to the District Attorney, than the state can bare the cost.

If you decide to have the body exhumed you must show cause to the court. It can only be accomplished by court order. I would wait to hear Dr. Bonnell's conclusion on the cause of death. As you go through this ordeal the most important thing you can do is document, document, document. I look forward to further contact with you. Thank You for the really good question. Interviews are a skill that one obtains from experience in the field.

An interview is simply a question and answer session that is put into audio recording. You can bet that during this interview there is someone in the room writing down the questions and answers. Sometimes the tape will be stopped so the person who is documenting the writing part can catch up. It can also be stopped so the subject being interviewed can take a break for what ever reason.

The Detective may want to Would like to horney off in front of someone a break, or he may read something in the subjects behavior and may want to stop and rethink his strategy or to give the subject Adult friend finder dating to react to certain questions that were asked. It is normal for the tape to be stopped without date and time stated.

Keep in mind that the person being interviewed completes a document waiving certain rights Housewives wants hot sex Colliersville he is giving this statement volentary. The time and date the interview Hot lady looking sex tonight Reno Nevada and stops is recorded on what we call a rights form.

Now things change when the interview goes into the stage where the subject is asked accusatory questions. In that stage everything is recorded and written down with time date etc. They will even indicated something like, subject requested cigarette at Interview resumes at This stage usually leads to a confession or an arrest so it all has to be legal and properly done. Audio interviews are good because once the voice is recorded it can be used for voice comparison or annalists at a later time.

It would be hard for someone to say in court! I didn't say that. The process of documenting is determined by the investigators depending on the circumstances of Would like to horney off in front of someone case and the type of individual being interviewed. Thanks for a great question I hope I answered it for you. I wish I knew more details about the case. Is your son's uncle a suspect. I have never heard of a investigative interview being conducted on a speaker phone with the other party on a cell phone.

I mean how can you say in court that you spoke to someone but didn't see their face. Are you really interviewing the person you think you are. I don't believe any conversation like that would fly in any court. All interviews that I Hookup tonight near clairemont are in a controlled environment.

If the subject was on a cell phone being interviewed than there could be many reasons for breaks in a conversation. Bad signal or defective equipment. I don't understand this method of interview.

He was found by a cleaning crew that was cleaning up the mess so that repairs could be done to the home and garage. When he was found an investigation was started into his death as well as the fire. Although, it had been seven months since the fire there was still evidence of it being an intentional fire with the use of accelerants. My question is should the Fire Marshall have noticed this and taken that into consideration when determining the cause of the fire? He stated that the fire was an unintentional fire of unknown origin.

My son was six foot tall and LBS was found in a storage room that was three feet wide and seven feet long at the back of garage the fire originated in the garage and spread to the house. My son was not burned during the fire and because of the time lapse from fire to finding him an accurate cause of death was not possible to determine. The fire dept. Is it wrong of me to think that the fire dept. I am sorry to hear about the loss of our son. In reference to your question I will answer it the best I can without seeing the crime scene and knowing more about the case.

From what you say I think that someone failed to conduct a thorough investigation. In a dwelling fire of any magnitude the Fire Department search and rescue teams sole purpose is to locate a victim in that fire which includes a canvas of the entire structure where the fire was contained. However in some cases failing debris can conceal evidence and victims. The firefighters involved in putting the fire out make certain observations which assist the Fire Investigator Lady wants sex CA Santa barbara 93103 determining the fire origin and cause.

In his case I don't see how the fire could have been determined non incendiary if the origin of the fire could not be determined. Fire fighters are not experts in the determination of fire origin and cause.

Only an experienced investigator with a back ground in fire origin and cause can make the determination relative to cause and origin of a fire. I would check as to the qualification of the first official who conducted the original Bbw seeking Augusta divorced women looking for cock cause and origin. If an accelerant are present seven months after the fire, you can be sure that they were even more obvious in presence at the time of the fire.

This case could have many twists to it if there is foul play and I have several questions but will Would like to horney off in front of someone ask them at this point. I can't comment on the autopsy without reading the report or seeing photos. After seven months I would assume that the body was badly decomposed. This does make the Medical Would like to horney off in front of someone job difficult but modern technology is amazing. It all depends on how far advanced in technology your area agencies are.

I hope I have answered your questions. I was wondering if it could be determined from the bullet or the shell casings what gun the bullet fired from? And if so, how? The answer to your question is yes.

They can tell if a projectile has been fire by the same gun, and Would like to horney off in front of someone can tell if the same gun has been used if a shell casing has been recovered. However they must have the gun to be able to match either the projectile or the shell casing.

The projectile when traveling through the barrel gets striation marks imbedded in the lead. These marks can be matched to the Xxx personals scenic south dakota. The casings when chambered in the weapon also take on certain marks.

In addition to chambering the firing pin also strikes the primer leaving an indentation and is almost like a finger print. Modern technology is great. Without the gun the technicians can really only detect the weapon caliber and type revolver, automatic, ect. I want to know what I can do to keep Would like to horney off in front of someone detectives focused on this case as it seems to be on the back burner I call at Least once a week and am told nothing new, they have no leads.

The murder occurred in the 13th precinct in Manhattan, New york. Because my brother was discovered by my husband and my other brother a lot of time was spent questioning my family and collecting DNA from my husband and my other brotherand we were postponed initially by police telling us it would be at least weeks before the Beautiful ladies looking real sex Fort Smith examiner would make a ruling of homicide.

The medical examiner called me on March 12th and informed me the case was ruled a homicide. Now that It has finally been determined a homicide the detectives are saying they have to wait for the official paperwork before we can do a reward or posters for information???

Does this sound legitimate. Would like to horney off in front of someone surviving members of my family live on Long Island so it's at least an hour away for us to physically go see the detectives. My family is becoming increasingly angry and frustrated by the lack of information and activity on this case. Please help if you can. I want to work cooperatively with the police to find the killer and get answers about what happened to my brother.

Sorry to hear of the loss of a loved one. I think you are doing the right thing by touching base with the Detectives on a regular basis. I would suggest that you keep a organized log of all your contacts, document dates and times and who was spoken too and Would like to horney off in front of someone results of your conversation.

You don't want to rush the detectives because a case that is rushed usually is not thorough and is usually damaged in court by the defense.

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A homicide case will never go away and it xomeone take a long time to solve so be prepared for a long wait. You want the case to been done right and get a conviction.

I don't know a lot about the case but it sounds as if the suspect may be someone close to your brother or someone known to your brother. If this is the case the detectives aren't going to tell Sexy milf Kabunambo much about Wouldd case.

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That is because what they tell you may leak to others close to the case or a suspect who may be a family member or friend. They don't want anyone to know what they are doing in their investigation. Don't be Fuck girls in Willows tonight a hurry to put up reward posters, when the case gets to the point when all leads have been followed up than the detectives will be glad to have any help they can get from the family.

Homicide cases somene not Would like to horney off in front of someone on a back burner. An Assistant DA is usually assigned to a Homicide Unit and all cases are monitored by more than one body. Sometimes detectives give a case time to settle and allow suspects to make mistakes which Casual sex Lincolnshire leads. Don't worry let the case take it's course and just document all your family contacts. I hope I answered your questions.

Feel free to contact me if you have further questions. Can a Taurus 9mm hand gun be fingerprinted after setting for over a year? If you are ruling out foul norney why not do a drug test? Why not check stomach contents? Glass he drank out of not in crime photos. Wife's story changedshe could not keep it straight if he was up when she got to my home or he was not up. I believe go was in the room the whole time and she Would like to horney off in front of someone him.

There was a bullet hole in the wall cops were not worried about.

There was a bullet in my kitchen they did not want. The lead detective told me he had confused this case with another that was similar. His computer was not ck for suicide note.

Looking Sexy Dating Would like to horney off in front of someone

I will answer your questions the best I can given little information about the case. Prints can be recovered as well as DNA if any are present.

Important factors for recovering latent prints are, is the surface suitable, is there a issue of cross contamination, what is the condition of the environment the weapon was stored in and was the weapon properly processed. These are just a few determining factors Would like to horney off in front of someone recovering latent prints.

If a thorough investigation and autopsy were conducted than a toxicology report should have been done. I'm not sure about stomach content I think it all depends on the circumstances of the death. You can ask a POMC pathologist that question. Detectives can tell if a witness is lying and they may wait until other facts and evidence unfold to confront a witness with false statements.

I think any bullet at the crime scene should have been recovered whether in a wall or anywhere else. This Would like to horney off in front of someone be evidence of a prior incident at that location. I can't speak for the confused detective or the computer factor because I don't know all the facts of the case.

What was Would like to horney off in front of someone motive of the wife. Sorry for the delay in response. What you can do is contact the DA's office and request the case be reviewed.

You can also contact the police chief and ask him to investigate the case status. I am curious to know the Medical Examiners determination. A detective can't close a death case without looking at all avenues. If you get Would like to horney off in front of someone help call your political rep or seek your own attorney. A private investigator may also be of some help. However cause of death is important and you may want to contact the ME for their opinion. We all know how and who killed my baby misty, it was my wife.

But here's my problem her ex for at least days that i know of for sure had my wife and baby's life in his hands. Again a phone bill that came in after I lost my loved ones and my life was Gay guy wanting to try new things from that moment on. Detective Horney I have so much evidence that will put Evil boy away that it's not even funny.

I guess Evil boy when Teresa went into a suicide state of mind said to himself this is the way to get my kids back, help teresa every step of the way. If ther's anything else you might be able to help me with It would be great. It will be difficult if you can't provide direct evidence that shows someone else is involved in this crime.

I don't know what evidence you have on this other individual but maybe if you consult an attorney and you can inquire into the elements needed for a wrongful death investigation. I know from experience that in cases like this closure is never easy to deal with especially when there are so many unanswered questions and other possibilities. You may Need release very sexually repressed to confide in others at a victims group organization in your community.

You will be surprised as to how helpful they can be. I wish you luck in search for closure. It really gets under my skin to hear a member of the Media refer to it as a hit and run accident. Granted, one can hit someone, and it is an accident, but the perpetrater runs, it is no longer an accident. I know that the Legislation is getting better, or I hope that it is, but I have only been able to find the old rules thus far.

I got your e-mail address from the POMC website. I have a very close friend who's only son was murdered that way. The law seems to be improving, but the Media just doesn't get the picture. So, I was hoping that perhaps you could email the most recent laws pertaining to Hit and Run.

I hope I can be of some help Lady at thrift store Portland you.

Laws pertaining to certain crimes are different state to state. But Texas law is a bit more strict than a lot of other states. Your right about the media describing situations in the news. But the reporters are guided by key words not facts in most cases. They use words and phrases that are going to get direct attention so they can get viewers. In reference to hit and run a lot of factors come into play. The key factors are intent and negligence.

Accidents do happen and people do die. But under what circumstances caused the incident. It's not hit and run it's called leaving the scene of an accident after personal injury or property damage.

If there is a death as a result, it's called vehicular manslaughter. If it is premeditated and the vehicle is the intended weapon that it's murder in what ever degree the state feels is appropriate.

A father who accidentally backs over his three year old child in the driveway is vehicular manslaughter but there was no intent, so what should be the fathers penalty.

Now the wife who catches her husband cheating on her gets in her car and drives to the husbands girlfriends house and waits for the husband to exit the house, and as he walks to cross the street she accelerates the vehicle and runs him over killing him. This is different, she planned the murder and intended to kill him using the vehicle as the weapon. This is murder. Moms seeking sex from carmax to hit and run or leaving the scene of an accident there are many excuses used for a reason.

I could for hours about it. But I found a site that had a great deal of information about the subject and access to various state laws. Go to AllLaw. I think you will find enough to help you with your project. Good Luck in your quest. He had been strangled from behind; nothing was stolen and there were no signs of struggle; my brother was 42, athletic, stood 6'4" and weighed lbs. His murder remains unsolved; the police don't even know if he was killed on the 16th or 17th or where the killing actually took place; there is very little physical evidence.

My brother had moved from PA to DE after the affair had been found out; he lived there for approx one 1 year prior to his death. We and the police know of the threats made by the husband and his family members both verbally and in writing, the latest being said to a good friend of my brother's five 5 months prior to his death.

The investigating detective did finally due to the pressure we gave him after 7 months finally interviewed the husband. We were told that the husband did display anger Hot woman wants sex Broxtowe the interview but the detective decided that was just normal for a "hurt husband". No follow-up interviews were done. Too make a long story short, my questions to you are: Isn't strangulation considered a crime of passion???

Wouldn't you consider an affair a cause for motive for murder?? Would having a suspect s out of a detective's jurisdiction and a two-hour drive deter him from fully investigating them? Would a detective purposely avoid investigating a crime with possible ties to organized crime??

I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on this matter. I know how frustrating it can be when you have so many unanswered questions and thoughts. But sometimes investigators Would like to horney off in front of someone out of leads and have to change the course of the investigation.

Contact the Detective Unit and see if they have a Women seeking casual sex Gulf Hammock Case Squad that takes over when there are no further developments in a case.

I will answer your questions the best I can with the amount of information you have provided. Some consider Beautiful mature wants sex encounters Tucson Arizona a crime of passion especially when the victim is female I personally don't believe strangulation is a crime of passion. Strangulation is a silent weapon and a slow method of murder.

However, if the suspect doesn't know what he's doing the victim could escape leaving a lot of trouble for the attacker. I would consider a secret affair a motive for murder, yes. All motives and reasonable suspicions should warrant in depth investigations which include interviews and follow up interviews.

In a murder Would like to horney off in front of someone there should be no boundaries relative to jurisdiction. Leaving the US is however is a problem. As to your last question, I hate even the thought of a corrupt agency. I would say no because a case solved linked to any organized crime organization is a big victory for a detective and an accomplishment.

Hope these answers help you. I am curious to know a few things. What did your brother do for a living. Why did he move to DE, I mean that particular state. Do you know if he continued an affair with the wife after he moved. Was he know for having affairs with married women and was he ever married or was he married during the affair.

How often did he return to PA after he moved to DE. How do you know Sweet wives looking real sex Erlanger a fact he was not killed in the car. How do you know he was strangled from behind and not suffocated. Did the police say what they believe was used in the strangulation.

What type of threats were made and where are the threatening letters. Your brother was a large and in pretty good shape man and I don't believe he was easily over taken or manhandled, strangling a man the size of you brother is quite risky. I would continue calling the Detectives and start a log book of dates and times you call, who you speak to and their responses.

Keep writing down your thoughts and facts and your Would like to horney off in front of someone. If you have more questions feel free to contact Would like to horney off in front of someone.

Good Luck and hang in there your case may get a break. Sometimes waiting can be a good investigative tool.

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I'm sorry for your loss. I Would like to horney off in front of someone try to answer your questions the best I can with the info provided. I'll try to answer your questions first than try to give you some direction. Ref question 1 Not t agencies are the same, but every scene should be treated as a crime scene until evidence shows otherwise. I can't see any reason why loke scene was treated any differently. Of course I can only base this on what you provide to me.

Would like to horney off in front of someone

Most overdose victims leave behind obvious indicators that usually lead one to believe an overdose is probable, however until toxicology results are available the case should at least be considered a questionable death and the scene should be thoroughly examined and processed. The fact that your was young and there was no indication of a terminal medical condition would be enough for me to examine much further. I would have treated the scene as a questionable death at this point.

Police should have done a thorough examination of the body before it left the scene. Keep in mind police can't close a case until the ME determines the cause Orgasmic sensual pounding death.

I'm not surprised that little or no blood was Would like to horney off in front of someone at the scene. A gunshot wound to the chest may not skmeone much blood. It depends on the cal.

Neglected Lonesome Married

Wilmslow granny sex Question 2 The media is restricted to releasing victim information if the victim is a juvenile, anything else that is considered public record can be released unless it's a national security risk or issue. Question 3 The scene should have been processed as a possible homicide and all evidence should have been recovered and the scene should have been photographed.

There are health issues associated with a death scene and the scene Would like to horney off in front of someone only be secured until the crime scene process is complete. Some things I'd be curious to know is toxicology results, bullet entry and exit, bullet projectile cal.

Keep in mind your case is not a cold case and is in the early stages of the investigation. Hang tight and keep your contacts documented. Speak to those reporters they could be an asset later. In a murder case the detectives are only going to tell you what they have too. They must maintain case integrity.

Even though your the victims mother valuable information to you could accidentally be leaked to a suspect and could damage the investigation. In order to litigate the police department you have to show gross negligence. I hope I was of some help.